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HSS-100 Results


How are those on CT's HSS-100 program liking the program? How are your results compared to Chad's total body programs? Also, has someone put together a spreadsheet yet?

I'm finishing up Waterbury Method and thinking about trying one of CT's programs. For the past few years I've only done Chad's programs but think I'd like to try something new.


I'm finishing up PFM and have made a spreadsheet for both the periodized HSS-100 and the back specialization. However, you made need to edit in your own dates and/or change the exercises to your liking. If anyone is interested PM me with your email and I'll send them out tomorrow (Saturday).


You will find a wide variety of answers to this question as there are just too many variables to consider, such as the eating habits of the person, goals, body type, genetic predispositions, etc.

Personally, I do better with split routine's such as HSS-100 rather than full body routine's such as Chad's, but that's just me, and I train primarily for body composition.

From what I've seen, people who can handle a greater workload do better on something like HSS-100, while those who are primarily fast-twitch with fast metabolic rates and need to lift heavy and often do well with Chad's routine's. That's just my observation though.

I think beginners do better on Chad's routine's, as the constant stimulation makes up for the inability of most beginners to really push the limits in the gym each session.


I was thinking alot about my own experience on High Volume per session, mid-low frequency, vs High Frequency, Low volume per session.

I have had great gains with both, and rotate the methods. I was reading in "On the Rags: BBing addition" about and article that reffered to the idea of training sitmulating protein synthies vs. training stimulating protein damage and repair.

I think I tap my reserves one way, and then need to go the other route. A mega volume, 60-90 min leg workout leaves me sore for a week. I have grown from those methods. But I believe week after week leads to burnout of my repair ability, and then I need to swtich to a new method to create stimulation. HFT is a great switch.

At the end of the day, it all somes up as 'Variety is key'. I really like both approaches, and am thankful to CW and CT for bringing interesting and innovative ideas into the mix.


After whole body work for the past few years - and been disparaging of splits - , I decided, on a whim one Monday, to try the program and have been pleased with it.

Physical results? Not sure. The switch was easy to adapt to and strength on the has improved for the program. I started with a dedicated shoulder day but replaced it with a sort of full workout day on day 5 just to get a bit more chest and legs in. Also, I added in a few calf and forearm sessions, and Deadlifts on back day at the end because...do you need a reason?

Also, I started cutting back on my diet, becoming a little more rigorous with carbs, so I have lost fat without losing muscle going by the mirror. I might have gained muscle if I had eaten more.

Psychological Results: great. Lots of variety, even if the first lifts are all the same. Each section is a challenge. Just to make the 100 rep set different I started timing them instead of adding weight. Each week I try to lower the previous time - I need to rest a little still 'cause I'm old.

But, like, WguitarG stated, everyone is different and it may be that just the change did me good. I will probably switch back to whole body work for a little while after the first run of the program but will definitely return to it.

Try it. It's like getting a haircut - you can always change it - and this isn't a mullet.


Just read the Back Specialization program. I think I'm going to use the mixed approach CT mentioned in that thread. I may even start tomorrow. The change will be good.


I worked through CW's Big Boy training for several weeks then SOB. I did not see great results so I found another program...

I've been on the HSS-100 and am seeing good mass gains, according to tape measure and mirror.


The more I look at this program I think this is going to be real tough. With CW's programs, I was only in the gym for ~50 minutes three days a week (plus cardio). This program annihilates each body part. I'm thinking that each body part will take about 40 minutes to complete. I am not sure how I will fit all this in during a 7-day cycle.

How is everyone else doing it? Are you using HSS-100 with each body part?


CT says you don't have to use HSS-100 every bodypart. You can do a few straights sets for the smaller bodyparts like traps/shoulders etc. Otherwise, you'd have to do AM/PM sessions.


I just finished my first day on the program. I did quads:

H: Back squats 5 sets 6-8 reps
S: Lunges/Front Squats 3 sets 8-10reps
S: Hip Belt Squats 2 sets (gave up on last set)
100: sissy squats ( I only made it to 60)

My legs are FRIED!!! My plan was to do a few sets of hamstrings. There was no way. I haven't worked out like this in a long time. I'm going to like this program a lot. I'm also going to have to eat a lot more :slightly_smiling:


i have been doing HFT for a while now and really like it. the results have been good.

like most said, you should proably change it up here and again.

also, CW recomends at least 4 sessions of HFT i think, else its not HF. also, if you are doing HFT, you should have some workouts that last as long as two hours almost (an 8x3 day for example) to just about forty minutes (a 2x12 day).

so far, i think i have seen more strength gains than size with HFT. the hardest part is correct loading sometimes. you can waste away a few sets on a 2x12 day if you dont choose the right load. i think HFT is the funnest training i have done in a while. besides when i break out the bands.


I'm doing the back speialization. It kicked my ass today. The details are in my journal.


I just finished HSS-100 shoulder specialization for 4 weeks, and couldn't have been happier. My shoulders are definately wider, and my strength went way up. I was worried a little about overtraining, but the shoulder days only took about 35 minutes. I actually looked forward to them, because my other two days (Quads/Back/Bi's and Hamstrings/Chest/Tris) were taking forever.

I tried doing five days on and two off, but with my split:

Day 1: shoulders
Day 2: quads/back/bi's
Day 3: shoulders
Day 4: hams/chest/tri's
Day 5: shoulders

I found my shoulders were fried on chest day, and my bench was down about 30-40 lbs. By taking a day off before my chest day, my lifts improved considerably.

I am going to switch to HSS-100 for the full body for a couple of months and see how I respond. Also, I realized much too late, that I was doing the 100 rep sets with too much weight.

One final note, some of the specialized movements will draw a few raised eyebrows in the gym, they definately aren't your run of the mill lifts, but I can't complain with the results.


Do you think pulling HSS-100 AM/PM sessions would be benificial though?


you honestly tried to do 100 reps of sissy squats? why didn't you do 100 reps of a super light leg extension?


Like said beofre -everyone is different.

The best gains i made with AOW-the followed Hss100 I kicked out after 4 weeks,cause I got weaker.
the reason for that (I think) is,that i am not able to handle enough load on a split routine on a given day.
My strength levels drastically decrease
after the 4th set-the followed sets are under 70%max so no training value.

With the whole body approach,the weight on every given day is in the 70-90% zone-thats optimal.

Sure you stagnate with every programm-and also I have problems with whole body now,cause even by changing the variables I reached a new plateu.

But directly compared-for this time frame the whole body approach worked better-in size and in strength.