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HSS-100 Question


I am starting the HSS-100 program and I am curious as to what exercise everyone is using for their 100 rep sets.


The exercise that's posted on the program is the exercise that you do.


I dont mean to be rude, but have you ever looked at the program? There isn't an exercise listed for the 100 rep sets. I am just curious as to what everyone has done that worked for them.


I've looked and finished all the HSS-100 programs.

Chest thickness: 100 reps half peak on pec deck
Chest width: 100 reps half stretch on pec deck
Chest upper: 100 reps Machine incline press

Shoulder width: 100 reps machine lateral raise
Overall shoulder development: 100 reps machine shoulder press or smith shoulder press
Posterior delt: 100 reps high pulley rear delt with thumbs down grip

Back width: 100 reps straight arm arc dumbbell row
Pillars: 100 reps rack pulls from mid thighs
Back thickness: 100 reps cable scapular retraction

Next time, make sure YOU look at the program more carefully.


Back specialization:


Shoulder specialization:


Chest specialization:



Not that I'm an expert but maybe you could just do 100 reps with the bar on a basic movement. Really the only purpose of this set is to get blood/nutrient flow to the area. Anything light will work.


Hey jackass, what if you are doing this one ( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/most_powerful_program_ever ), not any of the specialization workouts? Quads, Hams, Bis, Tris?? I don't see them listed, but maybe your magic eyes can find them.


Sigh... Heavy lift, super set, special exercise, 100 reps... If you dont know what to do or have a catalog of lifts that you know can fit in there... Maybe you should be in the beginner threads posting. And thanks for calling me a jackass, makes me feel good about not being an 09'er


dude... come on did you really have to call him a jackass? It was a just a fucking misunderstanding thats it. Anyways, i'd go for the 100 rep exercises that are listed in the specialisation(sp?) programs. Any isolation move will work really, since the purpose of the set is just to increase blood flow and enhance recovery.


Dude after 5 posts you cant be callin anyone a jackass. Thats just like me coming to your house and telling you to get the fuck off my property.


Haha, this is funny. For as long as this has gone one, I still haven't got anyone to give me a straight up answer, so I can only assume that no one has done the program and is just in here causing a ruckus. I only called him a jackass cause he was gettin all sarcastic. I am highly capable of picking a random exercise for each bodypart, but my goal to get an answer to...


Well honestly dude just go with some standard movements.

Quads-BB Lunge with just the bar, and smaller steps
Hams-Pull Through
Bi's-EZ curl or Light DB Bicep movement
Tri's-OH BB extensions

These may not be the best movements, depending on your other exercises for each day of the program but you should get they idea.



Starting the HSS back specialization program. For those of you who have completed any of Thib's HSS programs, how did you find the results?


I am doing now HSS-100 for chest, I'll update this thread with results


Result: a bigger chest


To the above posters,

I did all 3 specialisation programs. Chest > Back > Shoulders.

They really are great programs. Saw the most difference with the Chest and Back programs. With the Shoulders, there was a massive stress and fatigue of the shoulders, but didn't notice as much growth as the previous 2. The Superset in the first shoulder workout is a bitch.



After 3 weeks of HSS chest I was ready to switch programs, but I believe I have gotten a little growth, although I probably would butcher the HSS if I were to try again, my shoulders don't do well with all the chest isolation.