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HSS 100 question - low volume bodyparts


Hi Coach,

I'm about to start the HSS 100 shoulder specialization. At one point you say that the low-volume bodyparts "[won't shrink and might even grow if you work hard enough]".

What is work "hard enough" in this case? To failure? Forced reps? Rest/pause? Don't want to overdo it on the low-volume bodyparts, but don't want to short myself either.

Thanks as always for the ridiculous amount of info and time you give away for free!


Don't go beyond failure for maintenance muscle groups. And do not do any technique that are exceedingly hard on the nervous system either.

To me 'hard enough' is lifting for strength always trying to beat a record.

Pick 1 main compound movement for non-spec muscles and train it for 4-6 sets of low rep (I like the 5/4/3/2/1 or 3/2/1/3/2/1 or 5/4/3/5/4/3 for this purpose).

You CAN a secondary exercise for muscles such as back and chest, but make it an isolation movement.


Great info thanks!