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HSS-100 Program

Hey guys. I’ve been a longtime reader, but this is my first post. I’ve been doing OVT training but am switching to HSS-100 and just wanted to get your opinion on this program. I’m going for the standard HSS-100 program.

I plan on doing 5x5 for each heavy lift, 3x10 for B and C, and 1x100 for D.

A Front Squat
B1 Leg Press
B2 Sissy Squats
C Iso Bulgarian Squat
D Leg Extensions

A Rows
B1 Cable Pull Over
B2 Lat Pull Down
C One Arm Barbell Row
D Stiff Arm Pulldown

A Romanian Deadlift
B1 Lying Leg Curls
B2 Sumo Deadlift
C One Leg Back Extension
D Seated Leg Curls

A Flat Bench
B1 Smith Bench
B2 Cable Crossovers
C Press to Fly
D Cable Press

A Barbell Curl
B1 Hammer Curl
B2 Elbows Out, Close Grip Barbell Curls
C Drag Curl
D Cable Curl

A Close Grip Bench Press
B1 Overhead Extension
B2 Dips
C Decline Dumbbell Extensions
D Cable Pulldowns

Let me know what you think! Thanks!