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HSS-100 Days? Daily Nutrition/Post-WO Nutrition?


hi coach thibaudeau i have a question regarding your hss-100 program. it pertains to the lifting days with 2 muscle groups. on these days u have chest/shoulders and then back and traps. so my question is should i do say on chest/shoulder day double the volume and do 1 heavy chest compound lift for 4-5 sets then one heavy shoulder compound lift for 4-5 sets then do one chest pre fatigue superset 3-4 sets and then a shoulder pre fatigue superset for 3-4 sets etc etc.? or just mix and match chest and shoulder workouts for the volume prescribed?

my last question pertains to your thoughts on nutrition/ postworkout nutrition. i feel my diet is pretty on point and just wanted ur thoughts. my body type is endomorphic in nature and i tend to gain fat very easily when consuming carbs. im currently in a mass gaining phase and slowly adding calories gaining about 0.3 lbs-0.7lbs a week. im a morning/ early afternoon lifter and i only consume carbs at breakfast/pre/postworkout and majority of my calories are coming from healthy fats [i.e a shit ton of olive oil, and nuts] and protein which is approx 1.5 times my bodyweight. all carbs come from oatmeal, and fruit. preworkout [30 minutes prior] im eating 1 cup dry old fashioned oats with a scoop of protein, intra workout im drinking about 20g bcaas with citrulinne malate and postworkout[immediately after lifting] im eating about 100 grams of carbs consisting of either sprouted grains bread [fully organic] with 2 tablespoons honeys or 100% whole grain/whole wheat bread with 2 tablespoons honey. do u feel im on the right track? and do u feel im replenishing my glycogen stores with this postworkout nutrition? thanks coach!!


forgot to mention i am also consuming 2 scoops whey protein postworkout with carbs as well. thanks again!!