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HS Lacrosse Player Log

EDIT: Skip to October 15 2019 for start of current log

9/13/18, Thursday: Max Effort Lower&Conditioning (Supposed to do this on Friday but moved it up because the hurricane will prevent me from training tomorrow):

Low Handle Trap Bar DL, Worked up to 3rm: 370lbs (Assuming my trap bar is 45lbs, will weight it one day)
Back Raises, 4x15: 60lbs
Trap bar shrugs, 3x15: 145lbs
Plate Pinch Holds, 3x40-60s: 35lbs(each hand)
Sled Sprints, 1x6 30yd sprints: 75lbs

Good training session today. Didn’t do too much for conditioning today because I’m just starting off, will do more next time.

Pretty nice deadlift for 15! I’m 19 and haven’t hit that yet.

Looks interesting though - gonna be following.

Another teen :open_mouth:

Thanks guys glad to have you following!

UPDATE: I will be replacing the Rack Pull with the Sumo Deadlift.

Oh and I forgot to give my height and body weight: Height: 5’10”, Weight: 170lbs

I’m just go over my main lift again cause I’ve made more changes.
Max Upper Lifts: Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Push Press
Max Lower Lifts: Low Handle Trap Bar DL, Front Squat, Sumo DL

Sorry for the confusion lol

In for your log. Lacrosse is one of my favourite sports!!

Thanks Man! Happy to have you following!

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9/15/18, Saturday: Repetition Upper:

DB Shoulder Press, 3x20,17,12: 25lbs (each hand)
Chin Ups, 4x10,7,4,4: Bodyweight (170lbs)
Lateral Raises, 4x15,15,12,12: 15lbs (each hand)
Overhead BB Extensions, 3x10,8,11: 50lbs
DB Preacher Curls, 3x12,6,6: 25lbs (each hand)
BB Hold, 3x40s: 135lbs
Neck Curls, 3x25: 10lbs

Good training session today. Was supposed to do chest flyes before chin ups, but I totally forgot lol. Went light on the neck curls cause this is my first time doing them.

UPDATE: I will be switching the max effort upper and speed days around. So the Speed&Conditioning is on Tuesday, Max effort Upper on Wednesday.

I have decided that it is in my best interest to finish out my newbie gains before moving on to a conjugate/concurrent system. So instead I’m going to run the alpha destiny novice program 2x a week (Alex says it’s ok to run it twice a week if you can’t do 3 times). I will run this until my newb gains stop, which will probably be soon because I’ve run some of Starting strength before(did not milk it out though). I’d consider myself a late/advanced novice. Anyways, here’s the new template:

Sunday: Practice/Prospect Camp
Monday: Novice Program Day A
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Speed&Conditioning
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Novice Program Day B
Saturday: OFF

9/18/18, Tuesday: Novice Program Day A(This is supposed to be done on Monday, but I did not make he decision to do this program until today, so I just did it today):

Parallel Box Squat, 3x5: 275lbs
Floor Press, 3x6: 155lbs
Pendlay Row, 3x6: 135lbs
Overhead BB extensions, 3x10: 55lbs
DB Preacher Curls, 3x10,10,7: 25lbs (each hand)
Stiff Leg Deadlifts, 3x10: 225lbs

9/19/18, Wednesday: Speed&Conditioning:

10 yard falling start sprints, 10 sets
Broad Jump, 3x3
Bear Hug Walk, 10 minutes: 65lbs (taking quick 10-20sec breaks when necessary)

Good session today.

9/20/18, Thursday: Individual Practice

9/21/18, Friday: Novice Program Day B:

Parallel Box Squat, 3x5,5,6: 280lbs
Overhead Press, 3x5: 95lbs
Trap Bar DL (Low Handle), 2x5: 365lbs
Close Grip Bench Press, 3x7,6,6: 145lbs
Chin ups, 3x5: Bodyweight
Hanging Leg Raises, 3x10: Bodyweight

Good session today. Probably could’ve gone heavier on OHP and Chin ups.

9/24/18, Monday: Novice Program Day A:

Parallel Box Squat, 3x5,5,6: 285lbs
Floor Press, 3x6,6,5: 160lbs
Pendlay Row, 3x6,5,5: 140lbs
Overhead BB Extension, 3x10,10,9: 60lbs
DB Preacher Curl, 3x10,10,7: 25lbs(each hand)
Stiff Leg Deadlfit, 2x10: 235lbs

Good session today.

Keep it up
I like your decision to stick with a basic program twice per week. WS4SB is great but you’re young and there’s no reason to rush into it.
I’ve been playing lacrosse for 20 years now so if you have any questions let me know. I might create a training log here, highlighting my training leading up to the Indoor World Championships next September.

Thanks Vision1. I was actually just coming on here to post that I’m going to do the juggernaut method 2.0 instead. I know it’s not good to program hop, but this is much more catered to athletes than the alpha destiny novice program. And it’s high lifting frequency and volume which will be more beneficial for me as a novice unlike WS4SB. And it’s submaximal training, so more energy towards, speed/power work, and practice. I WILL stick to this program unless it’s absolutely necessary to switch again. I’m going to start it on a new log called, “Juggernaut Method 2.0, HS Lacrosse Player”. I’m happy to have a guy with your experience in the game following me! I will definitely follow your log if you decide to make it.