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HS Incline Press Form

When doing the incline press on HS what is the correct height for the seat? Should your shoulders be level with the handles, slightly higher, or slightly lower? Elbows tucked, flared, or 45 degree? Thanks!

Whatever feels the most comfortable…

Correct seat height: Whatever gets you a stretch in the chest muscle. when i first used it I found the seat setting that…before I’d even lifted the weight…stretched my chest…so i recorded that and use it every single time.

Shoulder level or whatever has to do with the seat height…unless you have an adjustable torso!

Elbows will have to do with how wide your hand spacing is. So again…I think which ever hand position gets you the most stretch in the chest muscle will be the best…from then I wouldn’t be overly concerned with wether the elbows flare or not