HS Football Lifting

Alright so ill give you all some info real quick. I love and played the game since i was like 9 When I was 8th grade I was Capt. but then I broke my lumbar with 2 stress fractures I played with them untill I couldn’t walk(stupid) after that I tried to play but hips where mess’d up from back. So i took the year after that off, and now i’m heading into my senior year in 6 months and I just want to do everything possible to go phsyco friday nights.

My problem is that I am more or less addicting to working out. I will lift intensely for 2-4 hours a day. I will slay my body over and over. I think i’m getting results but i’m not sure. I have went from 205 to 212 in a month lost an inch on my waist and Can tell that i’m getting faster. Heres the weirdest part of it all though. I will eat quite literally 6-9000 calories most of the time but I never go to the bathroom and even when i do i unload close to nothing. Is it possible that I’m just burning most of this and growing with the rest? Because I am getting leaner and more cut, with gaining weight.
My lifting plan is way out of wack from the stuff everyone does. I don’t workout like anyone else I know. I concentrate on Intensity and thats about it. I will do isometrics like crazy.

I do lot’s of sprints and stretches with moderate weight high intense reps. I do heavy weights like once everyother week. Last time I checked I benched 250x5. I try to workout every peice of my body atleast every other day.

But the most excrutiating thing in the world for me is those resting day’s. I hate resting its the most terrible thing ever. Does anyone know any way that I can keep training intensely all the time and keep up my gains etc. because i know i am eneviatbly going to fall working out like this. Or does anyone know some high intensity exercises that I can do all the time?

something here does not add up???

9000 cal huh?