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HS Coach-Murderer is a Complete Moron


I just saw an interview with this douche bag, where (although he was found not guilty) he has the audacity to claim that he had nothing to do with his players training-related death; and then uses the good old standby scapegoat that it was possibly nutritional supplements that lead to his death. This guy was such a pussy that all of the hard questions were answered by his weasel of an attorney. If anybody knows this guy, please kick him in the balls and spit on him if you see him.


This guy is a piece of shit and has no business coaching, he lacks common sense even if he was acquitted.


Link, please?


Lol, seriously! I have no idea what you guys are talking about!




riiiiight, creatine did it. The most well researched supplement in history caused sepsis and organ failure. Sounds completely reasonable.


How would Creatine have effected this? I can see that dehydration could be a factor but surely there are guidelines around keeping hydrated whilst training on a hot day.


He was joking.


The kid wasn't healthy. He was on anti-depressants and other crap... He should not have been allowed to play by his moron parents!


The kid was on adderrall which is speed. Of course his body temp would be higher than others.


Although i'm not a coach, i thought hydration and other recovery methods were being implemented into high school sports more these days. Even when i played almost ten years ago at Alemeany which has been a top 5 high school in southern california, we were always taught to hydrate, even during hell week.


Check the posting times, we were both making the same point responding to the dumb arse line in the article


I do know that creatine can cause dehydration if you don't drink enough fluids, since the muscle fibers uptake available water. Kids are often not very well educated about supplements or drugs--if one dose helps, several doses is better, right? If the kid was sick already and running a fever, dosed himself with double, triple, etc, the recommended dose, further taxed the kidneys with ADHD meds, combined with high temps and humidity, I can see where it could have been a contributing factor. That being said, the coach should have been monitoring his players to make sure no one was getting overheated.

It is tragic, all around.


Lots of high school coaches are just fucking stupid to begin with, most of them don't know what the hell they are doing.

I remember during hell week I went through heat exhaustion or whatever it's called. It was over 90 degrees outside, a louisiana summer, and the coach had me do some stupid wrestling thing( called "man of war") verse 3 separate people for over 30 minutes straight with no water.

I remember I could barely even move or think and my mom had to carry me to the car. I got home, stumbled to my bed and thankfully my dad was home (he's an MD). He told me DO NOT GO TO SLEEP! And had me just sit in the pool and sip on gatorade for a long ass time.

Scary shit and definitely the worst I've ever felt in my life, I was just mentally out of it for days after.


I know, I was making the same point at the same time (check posting times)


When I played HS football (20 years ago) we all had to undergo a physical, complete with turn your head to the left, cough etc...

If the kid were on medication that caused his body temp to rise, and the coach was unaware of this, how is it his fault? If anything, the doctor prescribing the meds should be at fault, NOT the coach... All of the other kids on the team didn't die.

When I played we all trained hard as hell in the heat of August. With little water. Everyone had to earn their spot. People threw up. People got hurt. It sucked. I wasn't the biggest, fastest or strongest guy on the team and I was second string for my first two years. But I worked hard and pushed myself and improved. I broke my ankle halfway through my sophomore season, and I still helped the team at every practice in any way that I could.

I think the trend in sports for young people, especially in HS sports in the last decade or so is disturbing. You hear about EVERYONE getting a trophy just for playing. We are raising a generation of pussies that are afraid to work, sweat and bleed - those aren't dirty words - even in HS sports. For some, doing well in HS sports is the only way they are going to go to college (even WITH title 9). As my coach used to say: Suck it up!

It's a tragedy that someone died so young, but to put it all on a coach who is in the business of winning and training football players to win, is fucking ridiculous and a symptom of a much larger problem in our society.

The kid had no business being on the field in the first place. That falls back on the doctor and ultimately, his parents.


This coach gave his players water breaks, told them that if they weren't feeling up to it to quit for the day.

Was he supposed to shove a thermometer up there ass to make sure their temperatures where ok?

This was a freak accident nothing more nothing less.


No, the problem was that he had his kids run until someone quit, that right there is the stupidity. Out of all the successful coaches I have been under, not one uses such stupid mentality like that. Running your guys into the ground does nothing, other than tire them out and make their legs like Jello. My best coach eliminated this in high school, and we went 8-2 beating the previous year's state champion.


I did this, and I couldn't move my neck for two days. You're also a pussy. Noone has ever died from "Shark Bait" as we call it.