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HS Classmates Got Fat?


Look he needed the money ok, just because my freidn does gay porn doesn't mean I'll judge him for it.

As for the allison pics, just shitty to see chicks let themselves go like that. I've seen it a number of times before, hell my fiancee let herself go badly. 50 lbs over the past year... I'm trying to get her back on track constantly.


I'm a believer and if the top half looks anywhere as good as the bottom......


I is sad now.



You're one of the few Nikki! It seems like most girls I knew from HS are now either overweight or have a significant amount of chub on them. I was a ripe 140 lbs when I graduated high-school, and when old classmates see me now they think I got bigger from the military, after laughing for 5 minutes I say "Na, just got lucky with good genes I guess."


Last I checked, Allison Stokke was posting good Vault marks at UC Berkley. I'm skeptical she got fat.


Most of the people I went to school with who were athletic and active have remained more or less in shape. We've all gone through phases where fitness and body fat levels were compromised over the years due to children, jobs, stresses and life in general but most return to being reasonably fit for their age.


Somewhat related


I just checked. Allison Vaulted 13'10 just last spring. Don't worry guys, she's still a super-babe.


I was a fat nerd in high school.

Then I became a really skinny nerd toward senior year.

Now I'm a fat, nerdy strongman.


Fat strongmen??? that never happens...


that entire series of pics scares me man...


hormons, lack of kitchen skills, pregnancy..

all takes its tolls. I've had my ups and downs. nothing to laugh at.


What's the time-span here?

Honestly, this is very helpful in putting things into perspective for me. I ran track in college, so needless to say, I'm not as lean as I was as an 18-year-old 400m runner (working on getting there, though!) Even though I'm 27 now and have a child & a stressful career, I always assume all of my teammates look the same as they did and that they would judge me if they saw me. So. Not. True. Makes me feel much better, and I'm far from fat or even remotely chubby!


i look 10x better then when i was in HS...

it will be a sad day when i reach the pinacle of my physique because i know I can only go down from there...


Were you on /fit/ too? I saw that thread and promptly made this one to ask about members here response and not from a bunch of neckbeards there.


No, but I went there and now I is sad.

And scared.


What a waste!


I would destroy that


Some people got really fat, some people got a little fat, some stayed the same, a few got in better shape. I am by far the most muscular member of my class though, from everyone I've seen. That's not saying much though.