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HS Classmates Got Fat?


Mine sure did. I know alot of football players that just stopped lifting weights and didnt stop eatting. I think the really hot girls from highschool got it worse though. It must have suck to peak at such a young age. Anyway,anybody else?


Damn! Is that the same girl? Talk about the freshman 15 Lol

I've gotten facebook requests from old highschool buddies who've put on weight and it's funny cause my senior year I was 165(at my best) and now I'm almost 215... Always gets good reactions. It's awesome when they've gotten a bit fat


I'm too old to remember. Although I do get flashbacks sometimes. (The horror!)


:frowning: @ pic


wait... that's allison stokes the pole vaulter... something doesn't seem right with that set of pictures...


Yeah,thats alison stoke. She was a big internet sensation like 2 years ago. Crazy how someone can change in 2 years.


My 47 year old uncle flat out told me why he joined Facebook: "To see who got bald and fat."


so wait... she got fat????? NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh and mine got thinner and in better shape.

I wasn't a jock in HS, I was actually a fat kid. A bunch of us dropped the weight and got into different sports afterwards.


Picture proof,bro. There are others man,let it go,lol. I do know one or 2 girls from highschool that turned out absolutely amazing so then theres that.


Is there a point to this story? Yes, hot chicks get fat, jocks end up flipping burgers, dudes that played flute in HS get jacked, your best friend now does gay porn. Are you just pointing out the obvious or somehow are glad that specific person got the bloat?


there were more ridiculous ones floating around /fit/ last night. three semi-fat hs bitches who in a few short years ballooned to full on morbid obesity.


I have not seen or kept in touch with ANYONE since HS... 29 years ago.


I actually played flute AHAHAH!! And Sax.


oi totenkopf, did u actually go to school with her or are those pics from somewhere else, cos all my research says she's just as fit now as ever. except for those 3 pics which are everywhere.


I'm gettin better with age :slight_smile:

I know girls who either got worse after high school, or getting a head start and going downhill before they even hit junior year.


Graduated HS a 170 pound wrestler with abs 10 years ago, graduated college a 235 beer drinker with a giant gut 5 years ago. Attended my 10-year reunion this summer at 195 and in the best shape of my life. Everyone else managed to hang on to their college bloat, which made me smile.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZqsOtM6Xnk&feature=player_embedded but none of the photos you put up look like her.


Do you also like finding plotholes in movies?


oh and this:

it aint her. we can all rest in peace.