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HS baseball

This is a multi-pronged question I’ve been attacking for a long time. How would you go about training a HS 3rd baseman for increased speed? He’s playing summer ball and will have the fall semester off. Practices at least 3x a week (usually more), games on the weekend.

2 parts: 1) During the season how can he increase sprinting speed and maintain some sort of lifting protocol? I was thinking of having brief, 1-3 exercise workouts during the week, separated by several hours from the practices.
2) During the off season, how would he be able to work in sprinting with a westside style program (standard 4 days/week)?

I’m pretty experienced with strength/power aspects of training, but a lot less so on run/sprinting work. He needs more speed than muscle (he’s got a lot of that). What are the most beneficial runs for a baseball player? 50,100,200 meters?

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been saving up questions. Thanks in advance!

keep in mind that sprinting distances for baseball are:
5, 10 and 15 feet - quick reactions to hit balls so work on quick starts
30 and 60 yds - 1 base and 2 bases.
actually 27 yds when you consider a lead at first base for first to second.

I do hope Joe addresses this as well including your other questions.

Thanks major. I was actually thinking about base running from the plate for extra bases, but you bring up a good point.