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HRX, TRIBEX & Methoxy-7-Benefits?

im thinking this would be the ultimate Biotest stack. like just about everyone else who visits, im looking to lose some fat & put on some muscle. im 145lbs, at about 15% bodyfat, looking to get up to about 155-160lbs at under 10%…

my diet is pretty good, i consume 3000calories p/day with a 40:30:30 C/P/F ratio. i work out 2x p/day 6 days a week, pretty evenly between S&C, BJJ, Boxing & Muay Thai...

On page 7 of the HRX product thread Tim Patterson posted,

“HOT-ROX Extreme is tailor-made for clean-bulking cycles.”

A HRX, TRIBEX Gold & Methoxy-7 (or HRX & MAG-10 or HRX and 4-AD-EC)is what I plan on using for pursuing a “clean-bulk”.

I remember Elkhntr posted awhile ago about his results with a MAG-10 and HOT-ROX stack.