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TRIBEX Gold's serving size is 2 tablets. Recommended use states to take 1 or 2 tablets in the morning and then 1 or 2 tablets six to eight hours later. However, it also says not to exceed six tablets in 24 hours. It seems to suggest that one can take up to 3 tablets twice daily. Is it correct?

Does it make sense to stack TRIBEX Gold with HOT-ROX Extreme?

And finally, HRX recommend not to exceed 4 capsules. Maximum Strength HOT-ROX on another hand has it up to 8. I seem to tolerate HRX well; can I go higher then 4 capsules in 24 hours?

Thanks a lot.


Yes, you can stack them. No, you shoudn't exceed 4 caps in 24 hours.


Why does everyone always want to exceed the recommended doses of everything? We at T-Nation should know that there are no magic pills, even the excellent products that Biotest makes. Proper diet and training and Biotest supplements should reap great results for your goals. The benefits of excessive supplementation will be negligible...except for your wallet.


Because sometimes one isn't getting much of a result from the recommended dosage. I actually don't know if it would be harmful at all to go up to 6 total caps per day of TRIBEX. The label does say not to exceed 6 -- it doesn't say not to exceed 4 . . . . I'm not recommending it to anyone, I'm just saying the obvious reason why people try bigger doses is to get more noticeable results. Doesn't always work or make sense, but in some cases it might.


I understand that it COULD have a benefit, but don't you think that the people at Biotest determine what is an acceptable risk vs. reward and use that information to make their dosing recommendations.

I don't know why people always seem to think that supplements are innocuous compounds. If you take too much of something it CAN have a detrimental effect, just like any prescription drugs.


You are right, they do. However, sometimes when you ask questions Cy may give a greater insight into what Biotest officially recommends. For example, there were cases, myself included when it was recommended not to cycle Alpha Male. Is it also true for TRIBEX Gold? I don?t know that is why I ask questions. Also recommended dosage guidelines for TRIBEX Gold are not clear, because it says not to exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours, but it also says to take 2 tablets twice a day.

Cy can you shed some light on this please.



I see what you're saying, but more often than not people who ask these questions seem to ask them before even using the recommended dose for awhile rather than asking if more would be dangerous after the recommended dose has proven ineffective.


Hi Yustas,

It is correct that one could take up to 3 capsules, twice daily with TRIBEX Gold. However, this would only be after one has discovered that 2 capsules, twice daily was not sufficient.

TRIBEX Gold could be stacked with HOT-ROX Extreme.

One should never exceed the maximum recommended dosage on any product. Please never exceed 4 capsules of HOT-ROX Extreme in a 24 hour period.

Hope that helps.


Cy thank you. I got it.


Hello sorry for the newb question, but I am a 22 yrs old and was considering getting on a bottle of TRIBEX Gold, but was concerned that it may make me have more acne break outs even though I was fine when I was on the newly modified version of Alpha Male not too long ago and had no problems. Thanks.


If you had no problems with Alpha Male you shouldn't have any with TRIBEX Gold. Natural test boosters shouldn't aggrivate acne unless you are extremely predisposed to having breakouts.



Hey all, new here, but love the site.

I am almost half way into my HRX bottle and well i just ordered TRIBEX gold

Question: how many mins apart should i take TRIBEX Gold from HRX, example would be like, wake up, drop 2 HRX down the pipe, then XX min before i can take TRIBEX Gold.

Oh and i would like to know ppl's opinion. i just bought Chads book Muscle Revolution (amazing book) and i am doing for those who may have read it the Build muscle and lose fat program.

With TRIBEX Gold included with the program do you all think that is a good idea

thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome any reply