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HRX, Spike & My Sense of Smell.

Stupid little anecdote about my experiences with these two products. I’m curious to know if anyone else experiences what I do. Whenever I take HRX or Spike it makes me smell a certain scent, hard to describe, but it sort of smells “burnt” whenever I breathe in. Typically lasts for 15-20 minutes. Out of curiosity, what in these products gives me this heightened sense of smell and has anyone else noticed this?

I hope you’re drinking water with it, it only lasts 1 minute a most for me.

Dunno about the heightened sense of smell though, you usually have it somewhat if you’re on a strict diet.

yup, same thing here. i’m fairly certain its the b-vitamins in spike, as my other b-supp does the same thing for me.