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HRX Only on Training Days?

I’ve got some HRX on the way and was wondering if there would be benefits to only taking it on training days. Is this something you need to take everyday in order to feel the full benefits? I want to make the bottle last and I am already pretty lean while doing the Waterbury Summer Project. So my main reason for trying the HRX isn’t to become the leanest mofo on the block, but to reduce some bodyfat while enjoying the stimulant buzz some people seem to feel.

In the past year I have used Spike, Spike Shooter, TRIBEX, Power Drive, and ZMA so I thought I would give another Biotest product a try. Most everything I read is good and I can’t wait to try for WSP phase 4 and then 10x3 for fat loss capping off 15 months of Waterbury programs.

So should I take this everyday twice a day or should I just use it on exercise days and skip it on a down week?

if you want to use it to sway fat loss/gain best used everyday IMO try minimum dose. i suppose if soley for a boost you could use it just gy days i go for Spike and or Spike Shooters for that

Really i think a better case could be made to just take HRX on off days from gyp when you wont have as much exercise expenditure and EPOC

can you? sure you may love the results


If all you want is to be amped for the gym, then only take it on gym days. If you want to lose fat, take it every day, but personally, I can only handle half the max dosage on off days…

OK so I got my HRX in the mail yesterday. After working a 10 hour day, I took my first capsule at 6. I was worried about being up late so I only took one, couldn’t resist. It was on an empty stomach, so after 20 minutes I could start feeling it and started my workout.

I did 10 x 3 of deadlifts, bench press, weighted chin-ups, and squats followed by 10 minutes of jump roping. Usually by the jump roping I am spent, but my performance on the jump roping was great I didn’t want to stop. After a session like that I took an epsom salt bath and I would usually be heading for the couch for the rest of the night.

However, the energy was great, and I felt great! I ended up going straight to changing a tire and fixing the flat on my truck. I am not the handiest of guys so I tackled this with confidence fixed the tire then decided to hit the grocery store. I picked up my food for the week at a fast, focused pace and went home to make my lunch for the next day. I was up until 12 and then fell asleep after a smoothie.

This may be my favorite Biotest supplement. I felt good and plus it burns fat. Not that I need to lose too much fat, but I think I may use this as a pre-workout supplement or when I feel the need for a pick me up a few times a week vs. twice a day. My mood was great and that was the best part of it, there was no quit in my workout.

As far as any side effects, I hear people saying they have no appetite, while i wasn’t super hungry like I usually would be after a session like that, I could eat. This has been the most worrisome side effect, because I need to eat big. However, I did notice when I ate, the food didn’t have the taste it usually does. Like my taste senses were being inhibited or something. I didn’t feel too warm or anything besides the usual workout heat.

Thumbs up Biotest, I am going to convince my dad to try one intead of the generic fat burners and appettite suppressants he uses. I know it was only 1 pill, but this stuff works and I think I could make my bottle last 2 months for what I want to use it for. Maybe it was the first dose, but I prefer this feeling to what Spike does.