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HRX for Canucks?


Has anyone recently had success in getting HOT-ROX extreme shipped to Canada by FedEx? After doing my diligence and reading on potential customs issues, I thought I would be safe ordering 2 bottles (less than 3 month supply) and have it shipped via FedEx to my home address.

I must've been wrong because all seemed to go well upto this morning as the package tracking was showing that the item is in Ottawa with "Clearance in progress". But I just checked again and now see that the package is in Memphis, TN :frowning:
While I havenâ??t officially heard back from FedEx yet, it seems like it was rejected and on its way back. Rats!

Since I live 45 mins from the US border I can have it shipped to a UPS store and go pick it up, declaring it on my way back at customs but I'm not sure now if they'll allow it through. Anyone tried this recently and was successful?


I ordered mine as part of the V-Diet and had no problem. I'm in vancouver.


where in canada do you live?


I'm in Ottawa and having asked around, customs seems to be more anal here than in other parts of country. I'm planning to buy the V-Diet soon but am seriously thinking of just having it delivered across the border and I drive there to pick it up. At least I'd have the chance to "argue" my way at the border, unlike with a fedex shipment.


I don't recall the exact details, but I do remember my last order "arriving" in Mississauga only to show up the next time I checked as back in Memphis. It could be a paperwork issue of some sort. Or the actual clearance of the shipment. I'm not sure. The only reason I remember it was because I thought it was strange that it backtracked like that. I did get my package though.

Maybe check with Biotest in a day or two to see if was returned (if it still hasn't arrived).


Just saw a similar thing with some camping gear I ordered, it left Montana and saw it was accepted into clearance in BC. Then it appeared back in Montana and then began moving back out towards Canada. I sent the company an email and they explained that it looks weird because they send the paperwork to get clearance first. So it's the paperwork you see at the border and then the package comes tracking after. Weird but I sort of understood the procedure. Maybe it's the same thing here.


Thought Iâ??d close the loop on this one for the sake of other fellow T-Canucks who may think about ordering HOT-ROX.
1. Indeed the Fedex tracking updates was just a way to flag that the shipment has been forwarded for customs clearance. Odd, but whatever.
2. I got a call from someone in customs saying this package is inadmissible to Canada because of Yohimbine. After a long discussion he said if I try to get it via the border he will have me targetedâ?¦ WTF?!
3. Asked me to contact FedEx & Biotest if I want the shipment returned to Biotest for a possible refund. I did that over 2 weeks ago, and still FedEx canâ??t give me a status on when the package will be shipped back (they say itâ??s still with customs).
4. Apparently those who have had success getting it did so when they ordered it as part of a larger order (e.g. V-Diet) and not just the HRX by itself. Is it fool proof? Well not according to the guy I talk to from customs. If they happen to open the box that has HRX and read the label, theyâ??ll deny it.
So to sum up, $120 down the darin for a whole lot of agony and frustrationâ?¦ Definitely not worth it.
/end rant


Sorry to hear that. I just had a bottle of pure yohimbine delivered to my door (along with other supplements) without a hitch.

If you want to buy a single bottle of HOT-ROX, try a large auction website. Works for me when I'm not buying a large enough order from here.


Wasn't impressed when I had to send the ingredient list(s) for the Anaconda protocol 2. I told them to open the box and look for themselves but I guess that wasn't good enough.

MODS if you are reading maybe ship the ingredients some how on the box(?).


Ah well, live and learn. Thanks for the tip TYR, I'll keep it mind for my next cutting cycle. For now I ended up using another fatburner.
Fuzzyapple: Gotta love Canadian customs, eh?


Which one?


rapid cuts... not the greatest, but I've had success with it before.


FYI, they sometimes sell it at Popeyes.