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HRX and Lowered Libido?

I’ve been using the HOT-ROX extreme for two or three weeks now, and I have noticed a lessened libido. This seems weird to me as HRX has yohimbe I would think the opposite would be the case. I have lowered my carb intake but I don’t think it is so low as to affect my sex drive.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. I’ve only got half a bottle to go, and then I may treat myself to some Alpha Male or TRIBEX Gold. Thanks for any help/advice.

That’d be a new one on me and first thing id look at would be diet bro. and training/sleep. I mean were not talking a bodily function here but a desire to do something.

Im guessing your cutting since your using HRX, prob training a bit more, doing more cardio etc etc. You stated you lower carbs as well what about total intake??

If anything HRX for me gives me a boost and drive to do more things sex included. But if I get to really training hard, diet gets a bit out of touch HRX or not that can take a toll


Now that you mention it, the past few weeks I’ve actually had quite the increase in my drive.

Granted I’m newly single and young, but compared to 4 weeks ago, (I started HRX 2 weeks ago) I am definitely UP as far as that goes.

You may be right. When I take HRX in the morning, and then go into the gym, I have been working out way harder. Also doing an additional 40 minutes of non-resistance intensive physical therapy, for my ankle, and then an additional ten to twenty five minutes of cardio, which i haven’t gotten to do any of for the last three months. This change in duration and type of training may have something more to do with it. I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks for your perspective. I just noticed a lack of morning wood, and that rarely happens.

Actually since I’ve been having HOT-ROX Extreme Ive noticed a distinctly lowered libido… no morning wood PERIOD since I’ve been on it. Hell its taking an effort to get erect and that NEVER happens to me =/

I am also on velocity diet though… low carbs could be a cause?

A bunch of ppl can come on here and start posting “hey, you know what, I’m taking HRX and I’ve got a lowered libido too”, but it must be noted that HRX is normally taken during a strict cutting phase.

Training hard while undereating kills your libido. Hell, the super-accumulation program practically turned me asexual for a week. When the cals go back up, so does the little soldier.

Stimulants often lower libido and function. Drink a pot of coffee, take HOT-ROX, snort cocaine or what have you and your willy may not work as well as usual.

[quote]benmoore wrote:
I am also on velocity diet though… low carbs could be a cause?[/quote]

Holy shit, you are on the v-diet and you imagine that supplements are causing any issues you might experience?

As mentioned by another poster, calorie restriction has a lot of effects on the body, including reduced metabolism. This means less hormone production, less sex drive, lowered immune response and so forth.

Also, as for stimulants, there is often a dose paradox involved, such that at low to moderate doses various capabilities are enhanced, but at higher doses some type of overstimulation occurs and performance can be reduced.

It can be frustrating at times to see all the “mixed” issues that people will try to ascribe to this or that supplement when it may or may not have anything to do with it…

With all these responses I feel a bit foolish, Ii guess this is something I should have known, but I have never heard of it before. Even in the Atkins diet, no carb, lo carb fad dieting in this country in the past five or so years, I never heard any mention of lowered carbs or cals having this effect. It’s weird, but maybe it’s something people are embarrassed to talk about.