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HRX and Carbolin 19


So I have both right now. Been taking 1-2HRX morning/night(building up) and 1 Carbolin 19 in the morning and night.

So now I'm up to 2 HRX 2x a day and 1 Carbolin 19 with each dose.

IS this sufficient/overkill for the Carbolin 19?



Make sure it is the regular HRX and not the Extreme. The Extreme already contains Carbolin 19.


HRX has a full dose of Carbolin 19 in it and is cheaper per serving. I don't understand why you would need this much Carbolin 19?

Just take two HRX in the morning and two at lunch.

Anything more just seems like wasted money to me.


Really? How do you know this? When was this revealed?


CalLaw, I didn't bother re-reading the Special Report, but what they've revealed is likely in there.


Also, on the 2nd or 3rd page is the following comment:


I wish people would take the time to read the product release info...


My apologies!!! I read the product report... sorry I don't have time to catch every reply on the forum!

I do remember reading it wasn't a full dose one time though... Ok good to know, Will take the HRX THEN the Carbolin 19. THANKS!


[Tim's response]
Really, HOT-ROX Extreme is finely tuned for maximum performance. I thought a lot about this formula and I have it where I want it. So don't stack HRX with Carbolin 19. Cycle between the two. Take Carbolin 19 whenever your not taking HOT-ROX Extreme.


This still doesn't say 4 HOT-ROX caps have 80 mg of Carbolin 19 in it.