I’m 46 soon to be 47, 5’6",hovering around 160lbs,probably 7-9%BF.

It seems that my training has been stalled since about the age of 40. I have had multiple surgeries (knees,hernia,neck and shoulder)but I am still in there. I have been doing much more cardio and stretching since my competition days yet I would like to put on about 10 lbs of muscle mostly in my legs and torso ( my arms seem to be the only thing that grow0. I have a few questions for you guys.

  1. Am I to old to acheive this?

  2. If I had scientific aid would it be benificial?

  3. Will that kind of help possibly heal some nagging injuries?

  4. Has anybody out there been through this type of situation.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Get your hormones checked. Maybe you can see an anti-aging doc and get a prescription for gh and test which would normalize you. From their, see a personal trainer and inform him of your joints and he SHOULD be able to put you on a good leg program. And eat, eat, eat protein!