Hey guys, first time poster…51 years old, suffering from all the symptoms of andropause. Very low libido, no strength, have to drag myself to the gym, depressed, etc. Went to my primary care physician, he put me on 5 mg Androgel. Did that for a month with absolutely no results. Saw him this past Monday, and convinced him to give me test cyp 100mg per week.

He wanted to do 400mg a month, but I explained to him why weekly was better for keeping T levels steadier. My first bloodwork which was done before I went on the Androgel was only for total and free T and PSA: Total T = 268 ng/dL <241-827>
Free T = 9.0 pg/mL <7.2-24.0>
PSA = 0.6

I requested new bloodwork for everything I have been reading about: estradiol, FSH, LH, DHT, DHEA, Prolactin, SHBG, cortisol, throid panel. He is not very familiar with HRT, and he actually referred to me as his “guinea pig”! He copied my notes about the bloodwork I needed. I think he will be receptive to AI, HCG if needed.
I am thinking I may not be responding to the therapy because my e may be too high, but won’t know until bloodwork comes back, should be within the week. Any thoughts, suggestions by the more experienced people here would be greatly appreciated. I have not yet felt anything from the test cyp injection.

How long should it be before I can expect something? I keep reading about all these guys with the libido of a 20 year old. I want some of that!!! I will post my bloodwork when I get it back. Thanks.

I know how incredibly frustrating this all can be but you just have to hang in there and keep at it.

Obviously, a complete blood workup with all the tests you’ve requested is a good starting point. Numbers aren’t the be all and end all, they’re just an indicator, but they’re much better than nothing.

Another thing to consider is that everything you do and everything that happens in response is more information and you can never have too much information. TRT isn’t like taking a couple of aspirin to treat a headache. You’re monkeying about with one of the most fundamental and complex systems in the body and it usually takes time to get it dialed in.

Let’s see where you’re at when the blood work comes back and then we can make some at least semi-informed guesses about what’s going on.

Don’t let your doctor blow smoke up your ass about any number that is “in range” is fine. It just ain’t so.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the reply happydog. Stopped at my doc’s office today, blood work not back yet…next injection on Monday, can’t wait!

[quote]backn2it wrote:

He wanted to do 400mg a month, but I explained to him why weekly was better for keeping T levels steadier. [/quote]

Ask him if 5,200mg of test injected once a year would work better.