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HRT & Your Significant Other

Thanks to this forum for opening my eyes to the benefits of HRT. I have first hand experience with a good HRT program and the results are excellent.

Due to my positive experience with HRT I did some research to find something similar for my wife because I wanted her to experience the same benefits I am getting. With her having low energy and low libido I was pretty confident that HRT would help her.

Bottom line is that she was checked out, including blood work, and is now supplementing with T3, progesterone, and testosterone cream as well as a Dr. recommended change in diet. She is already reporting some positive benefit in increased energy and better sleep. Still waiting on libido, but it has just been 3 days with the test

My question is how many others have introduced there wives/girlfriends to HRT and what where the results?

This is an interesting post. I just started HRT on low dosage and had immediate results in the bedroom which of course my wife is loving. That was the first thing she asked, “how do I get this stuff” (not that she really needs it!) But keep me posted how this works for your wife. I will let mine read your results.

Yeah I hope it generates some responses. I know KSman said he was looking into it in another thread so I hope he chimes in. We shouldn’t keep it to ourselves. The women in our life could use some help too.