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Hrt with Andriol

Andriol was the very first steroid I did way back in 1993 when i was 22. The local dealer said he was dry except for some bottles of Andriol.

Looking back he probably just wanted to get rid of it. I bought a 4 months supply.

After a few weeks, i wasn’t getting much taking 4 pills a day (gains happened but extremely slight). That 4 month supply ended up being a little over 4 weeks because i ended up taking 10-12 pills a day.

At that dose my muscles were as hard as rocks, had a noticeable loss of bodyfat, the veins in my hands and forearms started popping out like crazy and gained some strength increases slightly better than what i’d see with creatine (excepth strength increases continued longer than with creatine).

I thought that this wasn’t worth it because it was way too expensive. That’s when my dealer turned me on to Sustanon. Took 500 mg/week and never looked back.

Did many cycles over the years - always stacked with a testosterone injectable up until 6 years ago. Hadn’t touched steroids since.

Fast forward to last week. Got my Testosterone results back from my urologist at the local men’s clinic. My total testosterone levels were actually quite high, and my bioavailable and free levels were at about the 65th and 75th percentile scores for a man my age.

The doc prescribed my Andriol 40. 2 tablets in the morning to be taken with a meal containing fat and in the evening with a meal containing fat.

My energy levels are defintely improved. Can’t tell about strength increases because i had surgery 2 months ago and won’t be back in the gym until next week.

Anyone else have experience with Andriol for hrt?