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HRT while Doing Keto + Intermittent Fasting

Don’t wanna get into details if this would not be appropriate for this area of the forums. But if it is let me know KSman as I’d like feedback/input on ketogenic diets or other low carb/high fat diets even if not going into keto while also doing intermittent fasting and on HRT.

reason for not wanting to post in supplements and nutrition section is that I’m not interested in nutritional and supplement protocols for getting “jacked”, “ripped”, strong or what not. I’m in my 40s and been on T, adex, HCG and HGH for many years. I’ve been lifting for 3 decades and am well over my days of worrying about being bigger, stronger or more “buff”. I wanna make sure my nutrition and supplements are cooperating with my HRT in the best efforts of longevity, higher quality of life, better brain and heart health, reduced chance of disease and other health problems etc. that is why I would rather post in this section and get feedback if it’s appropriate. If not I will try my luck in the other section.


I’m 42 and at 6’ 6" and 310 pounds. A little over 1.5 years ago, I was 381lbs, low test, depressed, and everything else. I started self medicated “TRT” (250mg cyp weekly) and started keto. I also fasted 16-18 hours a day. Had several cheat meals, days, and weeks, but after that 1.5 years (or so) I’m down to 310lbs. I’ll run keto for a few weeks and and then incorporate a cheat meal once a week.

I am really not one who has studied such things and with no weight control issues myself have not had a motive to get into this.

Weight gain/loss when on TRT depends on:

  • Thyroid function, iodine intake and body temperatures are critical variables.
  • optimal E2. At E2=28pg/ml I lost fat and gained muscle with not net weight changes or added physical activity. At E2=22pg/ml [80pmol/L] fat around my navel thinned out. But that was just me.

Thyroid controls your metabolic rate and calorie burn. Most of the guys who come here have some thyroid function issues and most of that appears to be driven by not using iodized salt.

Also found that on TRT, my body was hungry for proteins but I did not know that. I was always hungry even when snacking. Found later that a whey protein shake satisfied hunger. Something like this could drive on to a bad calorie balance by snaking on carbs.

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