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HRT- When to Have Blood Drawn


I have been on a self-administered HRT program for the past 15 months of 150mg Test-E weekly. My supply is almost out and I am planning on contacting a local HRT doctor. When would be the best time for me to have my blood drawn to ensure the lowest possible testosterone levels? -while still on, immediately after, or weeks later?


Go to www.roidcalc.com to see your approximate levels. Since you have been on shots a long time, your system is probably shut down sufficiently to "pass" a low T test when taken. The more time between spent between your last shot and the blood draw is best for what what you want to accomplish.

Oh, "weeks later" is the answer to your question.


Yes, weeks later. Seeing as you are using 150mg/wk and have used long enough to achieve a build up of levels - i would wait a good 5 weeks to allow the active life of the drug to pass in full :wink:
Trouble is - you generally have to succumb to feeling crap during this time, but to counter this i see no problem with using a product like Proviron for the first 4 weeks to provide elevated DHT levels but possessing a very fast clearance time - allowing you to drop it before going to the docs.

Another more effective option would be the use of Test Prop or better still Suspension for daily or twice daily injections - again just for the first 3-4 weeks of the 'waiting period'.

FWIW - it is refreshing to see that a guy has a body that actually represents someone who works out, the VAST majority of posters in the BB forum do not look trained at all (yet frequently show off), and surprisingly many of the steroid users here don't either! Good work :wink:


Thanks Guys,
I wasn't sure if the blood test would show my natural levels(while being suppressed) or would pick up the "manufactured" levels of the Test-E. I was hoping to avoid the crash of the post-cycle and be able to merge right into the doc's care.


I've been on HRT a while and get tested 6 days after my injection. I come back with upper range for TT and FT. When I try to present my doc with lower levels I wait 2 weeks and come back on the lower part of the range. I am on 120mg once a week. I also skip my HCG injections