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HRT - What To Expect?


Recent physical shows I am basically fine, but my T levels are in the dirt. My GP wanted to just wait and is more concerned with lowering my choles. (209)than the T levels. I have what you would expect in the way of symptoms for low T. My new doc beleives that we should shoot for levels normal to males in their 20s (I am 50). This according to him equates to 500-800 ng/dl. I am not sure what the dose would be, but I am looking at weekly injections.
I intend to make the most of this.

Diet: I am looking at T-Dawg2, making sure to get 1.5gms / protein per lb of lean mass, and most of the carbs post workout. I intend to drop fat, so cal at 500 / day below maintenance. Currently I am about 30 lbs overweight, but have a decent base due to...

Training: Split routine. I have access to all the basic gear, inc a power rack and commercial LifeCyle, tons of iron, etc. Untill my early 40s I lifted fairly regularly, working up to a 405 x 2, 325 x 15 parallel squat, and 385 x 3 deadlift. My bench has always sucked. I know the above numbers are not impressive, I give them as an indicator of my training level. I also played beach vollyball (2 or 3 man teams)for 5-6 hours straight on weekends. This was at age 43, 196 lbs, 5'11". Recently training has been on / off - mostly off, but I have found that I can come close to duplicating workouts from my "golden years" after only 4-6 weeks back in the saddle. The exceptions are on the big lifts.


Should I be taking anything to prevent / reduce side effects, or will there even be any? Doc says no, I am just going back to normal.

Should I take anything to maximize results beyond what the doc gives me?

Can I really expect results physique-wise from this level of HRT?

What can I expect that you guys would know about that my doc might not? I am sure he is very knowledgable in his area, but I think the T forums are akin to tapping into a giant database of actual experience, so I am curious to hear your thoughts.

I have tried to provide all the info needed for a valid response.
Thanks in advance for any info.....