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HRT w/ EQ & Winny

I have a lot of HCG left from a Dr.'s script. I was wanting to use it in place of my TE being used for HRT. Originally, my Dr. prescribed the HCG in place of the TE because my wife and I were trying to get pregnant. Well, she did and I have a year of HCG left. The HCG, as prescribed, kept my T levels around 600. How would a cycle of EQ (500mg/wk) and WinTabs (50mg/day) work with the HCG instead of TE?

Thanks for any input.

A there is a differnce between cycling and doing hrt. If you do the AAS you are no longer doing hrt.

Yes, I realize that. I was going to start a cycle, then go back to doing my HRT. I was wondering what the effects might be of the cycle with HCG keeping my natural T levels in the midrange as opposed to using TE. If I were to just use EQ/Winny, my T would be very low, if that matters.