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HRT Update

Long time no posting…but its for good reason, thanks to some of you on here about 3 years ago I figured out my hormone issues and with the help of good docs got it squared away. For those of you with health and/or hormone issues, dont lose hope…keep seeking answers through wise people on forums and finding good doctors. Miracles do not happen overnight, but lives do change.

Combining HRT with neurofeedback meditation, physical therapy, deep tissue work, vitamin IV therapy, diet, nutrition, supplements, Ive gotten a new lease on life.

My HRT stack has been stable, and no real issues now, no zits, no mood swings, no ups and downs so I think Im dialed in. Test, GH, arimidex, hcg, all seem to be working good now. Ive been on consistent 200mg Test dose split twice a week and it seems to still do the trick, .5 adex M/W/F, GH I used to do M/W/F IM injections but now they switched brands on me so the needle is only big enough to do subQ (Im considering trying the M-F and weekends off protocol to see if it works better or trying to find bigger pin needles to go back to IM), HCG 250mcg M/W/F.

Supplements too many to list…but yea I came back from the dead nearly…Im not into pinning all the time and needing to do it the rest of my life, but it sure is worth the quality of life change. I can lift, do martial arts, daily activities without extreme fatigue and pain, etc.

Just saying hello…and for many of you seeking help and worried or wondering, there is hope.

Stay Strong

Glad that you are feeling good. I have to say that’s an unusually high dose for HRT, though. What are your serum T levels on that dose, if I may ask.

200 mg is not at all unusual, with most guys between 100-200. I rarely see any higher than this, but everyone I have seen on 200 mg are within established physiological ranges.

Great to hear a success story.

Been a while, from what I remember depending on injection day and blood draw, probably around 700-1000. Once we stabilized it I do not get labs as often. I tried lowering it to 150mg, then 100mg, and I kept all strength and size but I started feeling depressed and lacking energy, so for me 150mg-200mg seems to be the sweet spot. Im 5’10 and 245lbs, and have been 235-245 since I was 17 years old…so my doc says giving me 100-150mg like he gives his 170lb ectomorph non-jock patients doesnt make sense if I feel better on 200mg and Im way bigger and more athletic.