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HRT: Test E/Test Cyp Free

I figured most would know this but here it goes in case others missed the info…If you are on HRT and have a script for Test, try to get you insurance to cover it on major medical, I get free Test E, pins, alcohol pads, and sharps containers with no co-pay. I had call my insurance to get this covered…but it worked…

Hope this helps some!

In my case, my insurance covers generics 100% with no co-pay.

So I had to bug my pharmacy to make sure they were filling the doctor’s prescription with the generic testosterone.

With some plans, the no-insurance prices at Sam’s or Costco are less than the copays.

10ml test cyp at Sam’s with a Business memberships is now a bit under $42.

Sam’s club is being difficult about selling HCG unless it’s an “emergency”, seeing as how they are the cheapest place to get it.

EDIT: In Northern Nevada, Sam’s Club has no HCG, nor does Costco. It can be ordered through Wal-Mart, but it’s $87.00, not $17.00 like Sam’s Club used to.