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HRT - Test/Deca/HCG/Arimidex/B-12 - Bloodwork Results


I am in my seventh week of HRT (200mg Test Cyp / 200mg Deca w/ HCG 1000IU/wk / Arimidex 5mg/wk and B12 3ml/wk).

I went an had my blood work done toward the end of my sixth week. I tested on a Wednesday and my Test/Deca injections are done on Sunday.

My bloodwork actually improved for the most part. The only areas that had noticeable changes were: AST 79 / ALT 77.

Test Serum was at >1500
Estradiol 23
IGF-1 326

See attached for more detailed results.

This is HRT so it intended to be ongoing, not cycled...

Any feedback? Areas of concern?

***Just went to have Free Test tested as I am thinking that Free Test may still be low even though total (bound) test is high. It has been suggested that possibly adding Stanozolol (Winstrol) would be a good idea to un-bind bound test. Also suggested was adding D3 and maybe the MIC and Glutathione. Maybe even giving blood once to lighten up the hemoglobin and hematocrit one time.


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What are your current symptoms? Bloodwork doesn't matter without this.

Take Niacin for your low HDL. About 500 mg/day before bed.

Your test is probably too high.

AST/ALT need further investigation--nearly double the upper range...I would be concerned, personally. BUN and Creatinine were also elevated, but I suppose this is from working out. Working out can also elevate AST/ALT, but yours is rather high.

Deca as part of TRT is questionable. I suppose you got this from an anti-aging clinic?


This is not HRT. If your doc scripted this I'm shocked. Drop the Deca, drop the T cyp to no more than 140mg, drop the HCG to 400iu or less a week. What your doing is nuts. Certainly not for long term use.


My current syptoms are that I feel pretty good, not outstanding. What are the draw-backs to testoterone being "too high." If I can bring everything including the lipids back in range and still maintain high T, what is the issue? Is there a point of diminshing returns?


Burned up adrenals, high RBC, high blood pressure. If you want gains blast and cruise. If you want healthy TRT scrap this plan.


Had my Free Test tested... The result was 33 on a scale 8.7-25.1 pg/ml.


Yeah, Deca doesn't really have any place in true HRT. 200mg/wk test is pretty high too - double what most folks start at.

I'm not sure what a high free T means, someone else with more experience can chime in.


I guess he is referring to testing free testosterone levels, it is the duration of circulating free testosterone which is not bound. Most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG.)

With decline of free testosterone levels comes excessive binding of testosterone to carrier proteins that divert it for use in the production of other proteins/hormones, including
estrogen. We don't want that to happen unless you like wearing a bra.


The majority of posters here know that...which is why noone ever answered the question when the thread died 3 months ago