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HRT Replacement Protocol


I really need some advice. I have been supplementing with T for about one year. I use a T cream (100mg per dose) twice a day. I have had good results with this method, but what to switch to injectables. In addition, my testicles have shrunk and I want to correct this. Is sticking with the regime recommended on this site the best bet? (100mg Test Cyp/HCG 250IU/Clomid). I have a good doctor that is open to most of my suggestions. Thanks for any help.


Why do you want to change to injections if your current protocol works? All you really need to do is add in some hcg 2-3x per week and you should be straight...

The regimine recommended on this site does not include Clomid--you better check that again...


You are right. Its Armidex that should be used. Everyone that I have talked to says injected T makes you feel better than cream, plus it rubs off really easily onto clothing. In addition, I have been told DHT converstion is less with injectables. I am a really tall guy (6-5 210 lbs). Does this mean I need a higher dose of T per week? Thanks for your sugguestions.


Anastrozole (Arimidex) should only be used if you have labs to indicate that it needs to be used. Anecdotally, transdermals seem to have less aromatization issues than injections (that's one of the very few advantages they have.) Individual physiology is a big part of the picture, too. If you don't need it, don't take it.

Why do you think you'll "feel better" with injections? If someone says they switched to injections and felt better, that's probably because the creams weren't working for them or their dose wasn't high enough. Conversely, some guys use creams for years and it works great for them. What were your last labs while using the T cream? You do need to have that monitored because the efficacy can change over time in the same individual, your system can absorb it less. But I agree with VT that if your protocol is working, why change? Creams were never a practical option for me because my job is in the water and I work out daily and sweat heavily in general...but if they worked for me, I'd be willing to give them a try. Then again, I don't mind my shots anymore.

No, your height doesn't have any bearing on what dose you need. The only way to know what you need is to test, dose, re-test and monitor periodically. Everyone responds differently. 100mg/wk is just the starting dose, you may need more or even less.


Tp27, how do your labs look (free T, Total T, lh, fsh, estradiol)? If your estradiol is really high then you may need an aromatase inhibitor, if it is normal then you probably won't benefit from it unless you are having symptoms (breast issues?). Sometimes topical testosterone isn't absorbed very well for various reasons (one being hypothyroidism and some are less nefarious reasons like rubbing off), however you can decipher this with labs.