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HRT Referral

I’m new to this site but most seem to know what theyre talking about so here I am. I’m in Salt Lake City and I am a looking for a good referral for assistance in hormone replacement therapy or TRT. No, I havent had any bloodwork done for a couple years but when I did I also had my thyroid checked out and everything came back good. Although I am only 30, I have all of the traits of low testosterone.

In the past year, my mood has begun to swing wildly (ultimately costing me a long term relationship). It is very rare that I experience good emotions. And although I maintain a healthy lifestyle following a great diet and work out multiple times a week (sometimes twice a day), my body fat still increases and I am also experiencing muscle atrophy. Although I get plenty of rest (which is never satisfied) I am still exhausted and have very little drive. Speaking of drive, my sex drive is almost non-existent and even when it is there I cant maintain an erection for literally more than a minute or so. Most of my life I have been a positive, outgoing and charismatic guy but all that has changed without any reason and its gotten to the point I am no longer in “just a phase”. I am desperately seeking assistance and unfortunately, I only have very high deductible insurance so all of the expense I would incur would be out of pocket which is very hard on me in my current position however; after refining my workout, improving my lifestyle and diet and only seeing a darker road…

I am willing to pay for the expense out of pocket. I’m wondering if anyone here can suggest a doctor or clinic who doesn’t jerk you around, make you jump through hoops and actually works with you. I don’t have the time or money to deal with ego driven docs who don’t provide results.