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HRT Referals in Los Angeles?


Anyone got a good HRT doc in LA? i'm not happy with mine....


I was going to ask the same question, i am up a bit north of LA in the AV and would not mind checking one out…

I had a name… will have to research again.

i’ll check back to see if anyonelse posts any names.


thnx. i have one that im using, he might be good for you, but i have my problems with him…


What kind of probs? He not upping things, or does he not provide ai’s or hcg?

Just wondering cause a lot of docs get crazzy about stuff, and get scared.

is he located in LA, or souther? (if thats a word, IT IS NOW:)


Well, he’s not upping things, but i might be able to work that out. Basically he just irritates the hell out of me, and he wont take insurace…