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HRT Questions

After being diagnosed with chronically low T-levels (<250ng/dl), my endrocrinologist put me on low dose Androgel (1%/5mg) which has been working well to restore energy levels and sex drive. I’m 6’, 200lb, 8%-10% body fat and not really after more size or strength, so I’m happy with the therapy so far. What I’m worried about is the testicular shrinkage that goes along with long-term testosterone therapy.

I’m familiar with HCG/Clomid protocols for high-dose recreational androgen usage, but what protocols could be recommended for LONG-term low-dose HRT? Are herbal products like Alpha Male effective enough, or will the pharmaceuticals be necessary? My doc is willing to prescribe anti-estrogens if necessary, but I’m on my own with anything else. Any ideas? Thanks!

first of all you need to tell us your age, and if you plan on having any more children. If so, use of HCG while trying to conceive would be a good Idea. Of course, I don’t know if your deficiency lies at the htpa, or the leydig cells, however I assume it is the leydig cells. If so, who really cares about shrunken nuts - you are getting your test from androgel anyway, and you can never expect to ever be able to produce an acceptable level of testosterone on your own anymore, so whats the big deal?! If you are that worried, get some silicone prosthetic balls inserted, instead!

Did you give Alpha Male a try before HRT?

“If you are that worried, get some silicone prosthetic balls inserted, instead!”



I’m single and 36 with no kids yet, but definitely want to be able to have them in the future. I tried heavy dose Tribex several times in the last few years, and it seemed to work well for a couple of weeks and then it’s back to normal. Besides, it’s much cheaper for me to get Androgel (probably the most expensive testosterone available) via a health plan co-pay than to pay for legal supplements. Ironic, eh?

My endocrinologist ordered several blood tests and a MRI brain scan to check the pituitary gland prior to giving me the prescription. All the hormone levels with the exception of the T-levels were in normal ranges, and the MRI scan looked good (makes for a good piece of artwork on the wall now). Even the sperm count test was in the normal range.

I’m concerned about the shrinkage more for vanity reasons than anything else. I know that the HCG/clomid combo can kick start the boys into gear when I’m ready to have a kid, but in the meantime it would be nice to not have explain to women why my balls are the size of marbles. The silicone implants are actually a valid option, but way out of the price range…

Thanks again for any input!

It is difficult to imagine how your test could be low d/t a testosterone production defficiency at the leydig cells, yet your mature sperm counts are normal; it is the production of testosterone in the leydig cells which causes maturation of sperm - Do you have a long history of Juicing?

That’s a good question and a point I should have included in the first post. I have a few years of anabolic usage under my belt. Probably 3 two month cycles per year, minor to moderate dosage (<600mg/week total androgens), mainly test/deca combos. Only on the last few cycles did I use HCG/clomid at the end. The last cycle was six years ago.

I had talked to my doc about the conflicting numbers with T-levels and sperm count at the time of the testing, and she said that if there is still some testosterone being produced (my levels were 200 - 275), the sperm count can still be in the normal range. Mine was on the lower end of normal.

Thats a good point, and everyone on this form needs to be aware, that this is the most common side effect of juicing - meaning it happens to everyone! If you use, and of course the longer your cycle’s are, you can expect to have lower testosterone levels when you stop. They more than likely will never recover to prejuicing levels, and although they may not fall into the ‘bellow normal’ range you will feel the need to go back on again just to feel normal. This is the drawback. For many of us we don’t care. Many BB’s direct their own hrt, for the rest of their lives, and it is not a big deal. Howevery, If anybody is planning on having children in the future, HCG usage is an absolute must!

So it’s back to the original question - any ideas for keeping the boys downstairs alive during long term HRT?