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HRT Question About Proviron

If you’ve tried Proviron as part of or sole HRT please give me some feedback. I have a situation where Tribulus improved me (I was shocked) but the effect only lasted for a couple of months, Androgel at just 50mg for 2 weeks 100% fixed me, and 200mg of T cyp once a week (for 2.5 months) did absolutely nothing even after lowering E2 to 26. Just a note I switched from the gel to the shots for convenience.

The only piece to this puzzle that was never tested was my DHT and I’m guessing that’s why I responded to Agel and Trib but not the shots. It was strange that on the shots I could defiantly tell my T was up there, because you can feel it, but I didn’t get any libido or mood improvement from it. Also no sides that you would expect at that dose from DHT conversion. No oily skin, acne, etc.

On Agel libido was back in three days and my depression was totally gone in two weeks. I’m now down to the chicken or the egg. Am I lacking in T to DHT conversion or did I just respond to the strong antidepressant effects of elevated DHT from the Agel? I went to see Dr Crisler a couple of weeks ago and he wants me to go clean for 2 months and then do a 24 hour urine test so that’s where I’m at now. I am curious about Proviron though because all of the studies I’ve read on it sound very positive. It has great results for fixing libido and depression issues.

I’ve heard that some guys take it on a daily basis for long periods of time. No effect on HPTA at doses lower than 100mg a day, lowers SHBG, lowers E2, and due to the slight aromatase inhibition of it in some cases raises total and free T. Why hasn’t this stuff been more popular?

I’ve read a few guys posts on this board where they are on the shots but still don’t have a libido. I’m starting to think that we’re so used hearing horrible things about DHT that we forget that it’s an important hormone and it can be lacking. If DHT turns out to be my only problem I’m curious if Proviron is the long term solution rather than going on Agel plus HCG and Adex.

Dr Crisler seems to think T itself is not my problem which is why he’s asking me to go clean and do the 24 hour urine test. After reading about the 24 hour urine test I’m wondering why the Endo that I went to see didn’t do that? It paints a much more acurate hormonal picture.

Proviron and its cousin masteron are not prescribable drugs in the USA and Canada. I do not know of any legal equivalents.

Getting illegal gear is a step beyond HRT!

Proviron is an oral drug and may stress your liver and mess up your lipids.

A doctor in the mid-west did [not recently] manage to obtain proviron for patients and landed in a deep legal mess.

Well I really don’t want to go that route but if DHT is my only problem than I can’t see going through life on HRT when just a small dose of Proviron would give the same result or better. I wonder why this was never FDA approved? I guess it was never submitted? In Europe it’s a standard stand alone treatment or in conjunction with Nebido which we still can’t get either. Welcome to the USA where male hormones are the devil and aren’t needed for any bodily functions. : /

Nebido will probably be on the market here by the end of the year.

I think you’re sort of looking at some of this in the wrong way… if I’m understanding your post correctly and I’ll admit that’s a big “if.”

So you got a boost from Trib. Not that uncommon and when you’re down, even a little boost makes a difference. But then your body reacted to the higher T and the effect went away. This is the EXPECTED result of a functioning HPTA. So you went to gel, bumped up your levels again and went through the same cycle. Just about the time your body was adjusting to the higher levels, you switched to injectable. I wouldn’t be surprised if you would have had the same result if you had stayed on gel.

Everything you say points to E2 as the problem. Just because you lowered it to 26 doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It may be that YOUR “sweet spot” for E2 is more like 20 or 18.

Wait until you go through the program with Dr Crisler and then see where you’re at.

Well I believe the boost I received from Trib was from elevated DHT. If you read all of the studies on Trib it doesn’t raise T it actually converts T to DHT at a higher rate than your body normally would. It up regulates 5AR activity. This explains the boost in libido. Again Agel raises DHT at a much higher rate than T itself.

If you research DHT and Proviron you’ll find a couple of interesting facts. 1) It was used very successfully as an antidepressant. 75% success rate. 2) When it’s administered as a standalone treatment for low T it restores libido and sexual function without elevating T. I had a two month break between therapies and never received any benefits from the shots.

I put on 10 pounds but other than that no difference. DHT is responsible for elevated overall mood, boost in sex drive and performance associated with T replacement. My T, FT, and BioavT were actually mid range on my labs and judging by my physical appearance the endo denied me treatment saying there was no way T was my problem. My family Dr prescribed Agel for a month to see what happened and I was 100% better.

I seriously doubt 50mg of Agel elevated my T that much above my labs of 550 but I bet it way increased DHT. Keep in mind when I was on T cyp I was on 200mg a week! I seem to have the same problems as guys who use Propecia and their T isn’t low. Their DHT has been lowered to much. Dr Crisler actually prefers the gel which I was a little surprised with since it seems to be bashed all over this website. Apparently he has better results with it and feels it’s way more natural.

After meeting him face to face I think he’s a good guy and he isn’t just handing out T. He took in all of the info I gave him and he thinks T itself isn’t my problem. He seems to be leaning towards low 5AR activity or adrenal fatigue. I guess the 24 hour labs will tell all accurately.

I had a feeling there was more to the story.

Let us know how it goes with Dr. Crisler. The more different experiences we accumulate, the better it is for everyone.

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