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HRT & Primobolan


Thought I would post this here instead of the Steroid forum.
If running 100mg cyp ew hrt one wanted to add something like 4-500mg of Primo or EQ for a 6 week course would it affect the numbers on your blood work? I am thinking no but felt like checking. I dont want my endo to up or lower the hrt dose. Also what do you guys do about testicular shrinkage?
Many thanks to anybody replying!


HCG is used for testicular shrinkage but I am not sure on the doseage. Adding primo or EQ will definitely affect your bloodwork. You would probably need to be off it for about 4 weeks before getting retested. That is just a guess on my part.

Avoid adding anything in the beginning of HRT as the doctor will be testing frequently. Just tell your endo that you are still feeling like crap and they may up the doseage a bit. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks Mike,

I thought because primo is not converted in to test that it might not affect anything. I know that it will also inhibit but then the cyp has already done that.

Thanks again for the reply!


Ahem...Primo is a DHT derrivative and at that doseage will put you into supraphysilogical range. EQ will hang around for weeks...


Thanks over40


Over40 bear in mind that I am already totally suppressed from the cyp. (I have changed my mind on eq and can see how that will up my score) Just a thoght