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HRT on Holiday?

I am on self administered HRT.
I have been offered 3 weeks of well paid work out in then middle east, I haven’t done my home work yet but I’m pretty sure my goodies are illegal out there and I certainly don’t want to get caught with anything I shouldn’t have. I know the most obvious answer is to not go and suffer the consequences of my decision to stay ‘on’
I’m sure I could avoid a ‘crash’ by shooting 400mg test cyp before I leave and then just not use HCG for the 3 weeks and pray I don’t suffer from Estrogen related problems, this is obviously far from ideal though and I’m wondering if theres a better way round things anyone might know of?

I am 30 and have only been on HRT for 11 months so tapering off is an option, I pretty sure my natural test levels were bottom end of average before I began using steroids so I may even find it easy to become prescribed HRT if I do have to come off and pay my GP a visit.
Has anyone else found themselves in this situation before?

Check the local laws before going there. Theres also a good possibility you can buy your test from the local farmacy :slight_smile: