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HRT/Libido and Alcohol

I saw a reference to this issue on another thread on this forum and thought it this needed some attention on its own.

I find that with my test cyp .84ml/week as .12ml/day, that my sex drive is quite decent, but not like it was for the first couple of days with one dose per week. (The large spike in test levels with once a week injections creates a very high level of test that increases sex drive. But perhaps it is not just that high level that is responsible for that, but perhaps also the fact that it increased rapidly. Maybe if those high levels were sustained, then the increase in sex drive might also be transient.)

Over the July 4th weekend with everyone drinking and explosives, without getting hammered, I found that the alcohol felt like it killed my testosterone effects and sex drive. Perhaps there is something going on that depletes or interferes with testosterone levels. When young and vital, the body might simply crank up testosterone levels to compensate, but with HRT, the only test is from dosing and there is no compensation mechanism.

If you have any experiences with the perception that alcohol changes sex drive when on HRT, please share your thoughts.

what? what’s this? a thread involving alcohol? no, you don’t say …

rubbish … alcohol is good for test levels and even helps BIGRAGOO go for hours

Your problem sounds like estrogen.

Alcohol intake increases the body’s production of estrogen.

Takeing exogenous testosterone also can lead to increased estrogen because aromatization occurs.

You might want to try an aromatase inhibitor. Also, the more fat you have in your middle, the more likely your body will make estrogen.

Hope this helps.

I am relatively thin for an HRT type, 17%BF, BMI 21.5, was almost 20%BF before HRT and some weight training. Stronger now and thinner at belt, size 32 feeling loose.

Blood work has my E unchanged at 19pg/ml and that is the same number for baseline and after HRT. So I am thinking that estrogen is not a problem for me, but thats where T might be going when drinking.

Cholesterol: major improvement.

Am am thinking that TT is meaningless, and that FT and DHT are the most important things.

DHT went from 27–>87 ng\dl
TT 335–>827
FT .92–>3.43
pregnenolone 103–>53 ??
DHEA always low, even with 100mg/day

I am still trying to understand the implications of these things relative to how it makes me feel.