HRT/Insurance Help Needed

Trying to get some help w/ HRT. MY primary is completely ignorant to any therapy and says " your T levels are in the normal range so there isn’t anything we should do".

OK, so 260 is normal for someone 29 yrs old??!!!

I was thinking of seeing an endo, but after researching these forums that looks like it could be a dead end street.

My question is what kind of doctor should I be seeking out? I am trying to find one on my insurance’s web page but don’t know what type I should be looking for. There is no selection options for ‘anti aging’

Thanks in advance for any help

It depends on the lab your doc uses.

One doc I saw had a lab that defined “normal” as

255-1010 ng/dL

Another doc’s lab broke it down by age:

16-19 yrs ------ 200-970
20-39 yrs ------ 400-1080
40-59 yrs ------ 350-890
60+ yrs -------- 350-720

Another lab still has “normal” at 241 - 827.

Likewise, your insurance company probably has a formula they consider “normal”. They are going to want to see below that number before they will cover your meds.

I am not sure why you think that an endocrinologist is a “dead end.” Remember that internet boards are places to complain. So just because there are “I hate my endo” threads doesn’t mean endos are bad. People who love their endos are unlikely to post “I love my endo.”

In terms of docs who prescribe TRT, look for in this order:

– endocrinologist
– urologist (that’s who is doing mine)
– general practioner

My suggestion is to do a little research, educate your primary, and get him or her to refer you to an endo or urologist. Or go to another primary and start over. Take the ADAM test and print out the results:

This is an old website, but it might help you find a doc.

Testosterone Tune-Up – Find a doctor:

ON EDIT – looks like that find a doctor database isn’t working. I will leave the link in case it works again. Who knows, could be pilot error.

I’ve found a very easy way to screen doctors. Simply call the office and tell them you are new in the area and looking for a doctor to help with your TRT. (They won’t question this) Ask them if their doctor currently has TRT patients. This will give you a short list of who is worth making an appointment to see and speak with at length.

The number one thing you can do to insure proper treatment is to educate yourself. You need to be ready to tell your doctor what treatment you expect and why. It’s your body and your life and it’s your responsibility to make sure you get proper treatment.

I LOVE my Endo!, (nothing creepy) and agree with happydog48 use the telephone to your advantage. My Endo believes in HRT done properly, with HCG and the use of Arimidex too.
Ask e-loo for the link to the test results by age to take to your new doctor. I suggest finding a D.O. as opposed to a M.D. Sometimes, okay mostly, D.O.'s are more open to HRT/TRT protocols and treatment. Good luck in your search.

When you say your “Primary” does this mean you are on an EPO plan, where you must get all referrals through your primary care physician? If this is so, I recommend you follow HappyDog48’s advice and shop the doctors who are on The List for your plan. When you find one who has a number of TRT patients AND is accepting new patients, call your insurance company and find out what is required to change PCP’s.

Get all of your records transferred from your old doctor to the new doctor, and then make an appointment to speak with the new doctor about your situation.

In my humble, uneducated, non-physician opinion, your T levels are SUPERLOW, and should not be considered normal for an otherwise-healthy 29 year old. Get the tests done, see if there is another cause, form a plan of treatment with your doctor, and execute it.

In 2 months, see how you feel. Are you improving or not? If not, consult with the doctor and your friends on the internet to brainstorm possible causes.

Thanks for all the advise.

Good idea about calling the endo before hand and seeing if they currently treat other patients.

No no refferals are needed for an endo, for a DO however I would probably need one as they are not listed on the insurance website.