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HRT Injections


What is the max dose of test that would be prescribed and what is the prefered type Enth, Sust, ect.

                I know some people would need more than others but what is the most that would be prescribed. 

           Just curious


Like you already stated it could be drastically different for everyone. Cyp seems to be presrcibed more often than the other.
I would bet 200mg per week of to be about at the top of the prescribed level. With closer to 100mg/wk being more standard.


Many do not do well on T alone. E levels will increase and can kill the effects of the T. Anastrozole is really needed, and blood work to check E2 levels. With PHTA shutdown, many will want HCG to avoid shrunken testes and a tight scrotum. Some will feel 24x7 ache in the testes and for those, HCG eliminates that and many also report an improvement in mood.

Many on T injections alone can end up feeling worse than before they started. It is possible to have TT over 1000, above normal FT and DHT and feel like crap from the effects of E2. With those high T levels, libido problems, some ED, low energy, low mood brain fog and all of the classic symptoms of hypogonadism can occur.

Injections alone can be a substandard level of medical care. Some doctors refuse to check E2 as they think that it has no bearing on well-being or their job. Transdermals can be worse as they can create higher levels of E2 while often yielding poor TT responses.


200 mg (1CC) every other week. That's the base line. Up or down from there, depending on reaction (benefit, future test results, etc) If you're a good talker (:wink:, you can say, "You know, by day 10, I'm feeling like crap again." The doc will probably say, "Well, give yourself that shot every 10 days then." So, what some do is shoot 1/2 or 3/4 cc's every 5 days.

If you can't give yourself the shots, they can do it for you, or you can use patches or lozenges, which suck.

And yes, Cypionate is the usual. I actually found it hard to find a 200 mg per 1CC at the local pharmacies, most had to order it. But it's a great relief to get it legaly, well some of your gear legaly anyways...

Hope this helped.....



Many are injecting every 2 or 3 days and once a week can feel like hell for many. Self injections are the way to go and with frequent low dose injections, one can do IM shots in the quads with insulin needles. Low cost, comfortable and less muscle scarring compared to 1.5" needles.


Hey Donnie,
With me at 200/mg week of Cypionate, I am usually at the 1025-1050ng/dl level. I know somebody on this site that hits almost twice those numbers on the same dosage. You might be one of the lucky ones that get 1800+ on 200/wk too... I inject 100mg/ E3-1/2 days and seem to do without the "roller coaster" effect.

I too suffered from the elevated E2 effects of aromitization, and started to feel worse instead of better until my E2 levels were fixed with an AI.


I got to TT=886 @day 3.5 on 100mg/weekly test cyp alone. Added 250iu SC HCG EOD and changed test cyp to 98 mg/wk as 28mg EOD and added 1mg/wk anastrozole. TT was 1025 last check. It is puzzling how some guys use 200mg/wk and can in some cases have lower TT.