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HRT Increases Stroke or Seizures?


Been on TRT for about 9 months. The last 5 months takine 100mg test cyp every week. Levels have been good for test with estradiol staying high since im not on an AI. All in all doing and feelin pretty good. I am 52 years old and work out regularly and eat very clean(mediterranean type diet) except for a cheat meal on Sundays. Saturday I ate 2lbs of crawfish (tails only of course) and decided to take a nap right afterwards . Laid down and wihin minutes noticed I was choking and couldnt get my breath. Wife heard me and ran in and called 911.

By the time medics got there I had gotten my breath and returned to close to normal. Wife said my tongue was swollen and I was drooling with my muscles clinched when she first came in. Cat scan and MRI have revealed spot on my brain that the radiologist thinks is probably related to stroke or seizure. Local doc has already mentioned me suspending Test treatments till we figure this out. I see a Neurologist tomorrow morning and will no more but was wondering if anyone here has heard of an increase in stroke or seizures with Test replacement. I am not overweight and do not smoke. Thank you!


When was the last time You had Your CBC done?mainly speaking Red blood cell count, have You had any blood Lettings since starting? Do you take a low dose aspirin and high quality fish oils?

To answer Your question yes it is possible for a stroke to occur while on TRT.
The above need to be addressed with yourself and Your doctor, you must look into getting an AI.


sure why not crash your system by stopping all medication cold? I mean what possible harm could that cause an already stressed system?

first find some doctors who know what they are talking about - which in of itself is near impossible.

second discuss with said doctor the possibility of maybe backing off the medications by half.

weekly shots are known to cause hormone swings, increased estradiol levels, and multiple other problems.


sounds like you had a reaction to the crawfish and when was the lst time you had this. i found out the hard way that im allergic to oysters and have had them before as i had eaten seafood plenty time before.the
first reaction to the oyster was bad sweating vomiting and diahrea and dissmissed as a bad batch, then less
than 1 yr later had the same thing again and it was worse and quicker and since then have not had oyster
again.i'm likely allergic and not willing to try it again, it may kill me. something to think about.


Been out to clinics last couple of days. Had 2nd MRI done this morning to determine what has happened since. Neurologist told me yesterday however that he did not think Test supplement had anything to do with my problem and to continue it. Thanks for replies!


Because he is right Testosterone didn't cause this, unless maybe and I mean maybe you had high Test over 1200 for an extended period of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A tangle of blood vessels can create a misleading 'spot'. Docs will cover their butts with false indications so they cannot be sued for missing something.

Stopping TRT in this situation make a lot of sense. As much as castrating any male who has such a problem to lower his life threatening T levels.

Read the stickies and you will find material indicating that low T is a strong risk factor for arterial diseases.

Local doc is an amateur who making retarded changes.


Exactly low test is so much more worse for you!!!!!!!


You seem to advocate the practice of "bloodletting" for the purpose of lowering ones RBC count. Is it your opinion or the opinion of professionals you deal with that this practice will also lower Blood Pressure? Do you simply go somewhere and donate blood or is there another way?
KS, what is your opinion on this practice?


Great question rbarker and one I'm wondering about as well. My problem is that I spent an extended period of time in the UK when I was serving in the military. I've been turned away from giving blood every time I try due to the issues with mad cow's disease. I'm wondering how I should handle this....


My doc recommends donating blood regularly (3 or 4x year) while on TRT.


I have never run across anything that indicates a correlation.


Yes I do advocate this, exogenous androgens increase RBC count some more than other Deca, EQ and EPO are specifically made for increased RBC production,Polycythemia can occur if left untreated. Not to mention hyperviscosity of blood causing elevated BP
In order to keep hormone levels stable and RBC's in normal range routine blood Lettings should be done, I go in once a month for mine and its doctor ordered.



but this only if you have blood tests showing that your hemocrit or hemoglobin above a certain level, correct?


Hopefully this helps, anytime one alters blood plasma levels an increase occurs
birth control does this also.


I Have a hemoglobin tester at home, three days after and the day off my weekly injection I check to see where my hemo is if 16.4 or higher then I back off dose to half call and set up an appointment at the Red cross for a therapeutic phlebotomy, if timing is right mid week I adjust dosage that way I'm in a normal hormonal state.


Great idea. What hemoglobin tester do you use and where did you get it?


I had to have my doctor FAX to my insurance company a reason why it was medically necessary, Its been a very useful tool with management of TRT



@ OP: As soon as I read your post it sounded to me like a shellfish allergy. LOL. Hopefully you're feeling better. When was the last time you had blood work done, specifically your hemoglobin? Like everybody else has said, TRT increases your red blood cell production which your doc should know and told you. I've had 3 phlebotomies since I started because my hemoglobin was high.

Also, if you're estradiol is high why aren't you on a blocker??? You will likely feel 100% better with the blocker.


My typical BP readings have been ranging between 117/75 to 125/80. I went to a nephroligist(kidney Dr.)because my last blood test revealed that my eGFR was 50 so I wanted to get it checked out. While at the Drs. office he checked my BP and it was 155/90, I was dumbfounded.

He suggested that my eGFR reading was more than likely caused (along with my training regimen) by the high blood pressure, but has scheduled me for a bunch of tests that I'd rather forego if not needed. I looked at my last blood test and saw that my Hemoglobin reading is at 17.9. This is now making sense to me and I'm concerned that my TRT doc didn't pick this up and suggest having me go for a therapeutic phlebotomy.

Do you need a prescription for a therapeutic phlebotomy or can I just go to the Red Cross and ask for it? and, how much do they typically take? Sorry for the questions, but I'm not familiar with this procedure at all and it seems as though it's very important to the success of TRT therapy.