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HRT in the Military?

I know there’s a lot of military guys on the forum who might know this. I’m a ROTC student 2 years from commissioning, and suspect myself of having naturally low Test. Never had any testing done, just suspect. But my question is, when I get commissioned and have some money to check out my situation, what’s the Navy (or other services) policies on HRT?? Any input or guidance to where I could find an answer??
Thanks for your time.

I doubt they are anti-HRT, provided you test below “normal.” Besides, I’m sure there’s some legal ramifications of not treating a known condition, so they’d be willing to help you out.

Thanks for the input, I’m hoping they are as understanding as you think they’ll be. Anybody else?

In the army, I’ve been able to address any issue with a doc, no matter how trivial it may seem. There shouldn’t be a problem with you getting legit blood work done, stating the symptoms of low test. Just go in and ham it up - but be honest otherwise.

If they think you have an ulterior motive they can sniff that shit out.

I’m in the AF and take 2CCs Test Enanthate EO week for HRT…never been given any problems