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HRT In Chicago


Can anyone give me any names of a good understanding doctor in or around Chicago that knows /does HRT. thanks


Go to http://www.andropause.com and locate practitioner . .in Canada we have www.andropause.ca (and I thinkk they had locate international practitioners)

ALSO- Life Extension doctors highly supportive to integrated natural +HRT support:


Been on the patch for about 5 months- 5mg . . .is helping me with stress/ anxiety as my life is a very full plate w/ family . .hopefully will allow me to get off Clonazepam (like time release Ativan).

Anyhow- sites should help
Mike :slight_smile:


You sure you need HRT? A lot of research now has revealed how to boost T naturally (and I don't mean with supplements)...


Please extrapolate on the research on any natural test' increase?-]


This is just one example: Italian researchers found that Cialis raised T-levels 50% in low T individuals just by giving confidence back and getting the study members to have more sexual activity...