HRT Helping with Brain Fog?

My total T level tested at 400, ive had so much brain fog i cant think straight, tired all the time, bla, bla, bla. i dont drink/drugs/smoke, i have a great diet.

I feel so foggy its difficult to really understand what people are saying to me when thay are talking to me, like processing the info seems so slow.

my question is has anybody had this experience? if so did trt help? what about clomid or hcg mono?

I sure hope you tested more than Total T, where are all your other labs?

Lots of guys who come here have more than one health issues, mainly hypothyroidism and low hormone levels. Clomid can work when done right, but most doctors just aren’t knowledgeable enough to make it work.

You will struggle to find a doctor who doesn’t say “you’re within normal ranges”, “you’re fine”. They often fail to run the necessary tests or even comprehend the labs value meaning, they don’t teach any of this in medical school. In ranges doesn’t mean you’re safe and healthy.

Your description of your inability to follow conversation sounds like scatterbrain which is common among people with hypothyroidism, low hormones will make comprehending even worse. Most thyroid doctors don’t understand thyroid disorders or don’t order enough thorough testing. They almost always forget the most important test, fT3 the active thyroid hormone.

Most heavily rely on TSH only for thyroid labs, these doctors can’t really help you.

free testosterone wasnt tested this time, i have a consult with a endo so ill request they test it then. they did test ultra tsh which i included below. do you think thats low enough to cause those symptoms?

est Name: ULTRA TSH
Result: 1.51
Reference Range: .35-4.94

TSH checks thyroid function, it leaves actual thyroid hormones levels to the imagination. Reference ranges are bogus, there are lots of people out there within ranges that are experiencing hypothyroid symptoms.

TSH looks good, closer to 1.0 is best.