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Hi guys,

Because of my low natural T levels, my doctor set me on hormone replacement. I have used Sustenon and enanthate but it was very uncomfortable. It seems I’m very sensitive to aromatization I believe. Within a couple of days I start getting bloated in the face, fat around waist (love handles), dermatitis and intestinal problems.

A week ago I started with Nebido in hope of milder side effects but it wasn’t the case. I’m experiencing the same thing and I just can’t look at the mirror. Love handles appeared from nowhere in a matter of days. My face is swollen. I got dermatitis again. I was using letrozol (legit from pharmacy) at 1.25 ed and increased to 2.5. It is not working for me.

My diet haven’t changed a thing. I follow targeted low-carb, high protein diet. It works well when my T is fuckin low :S

I have always struggled with my weight. I was an obese kid and lost a lot of weight very fast with diet and exercise. Maybe aromatase activity remains very high in my adipocytes, even when depleted of fat.

Any advice? This is driving me crazy.