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HRT Guys?


for the guys on hrt. since taking hrt has your sex drive increased or decreased?

I know what happens when taking steroids
you can loose your natural test production if you do not take steps to prevent this,
(cycle properly and pct) but since your test is low or non exsistent what steps do you take to keep your sex drive, or do you need to do any thing? and what are some examples of your cycles. also how is your sleeping pattern affected after starting hrt?

I realize this has probably been answerd before but I thank you for your patience
as sometimes its hard to find using the search.


I am on 1 ml e3very 2 weeks, about 400 mg a month, my test levels were very low.

Now I seem to need less sleep, and for the first time in 6 months {I have been hrt for 2} I actually wake up with an erection. My sex drive is as strong now as it was before my levels got screwed, as I had always had a high test level. I take 1/2 tab of Arimidex every 3-4 days because when i started HRT my nipples were killing me, that has subsided, all excess water retention has gone away but the only thing I do have to watch is that my appetite has trippled!!

I have come to the conclusion that I am on it for life since my doc wasnt to check my liver enzymes every 3 months, and is not concerned with my test levels, ah no biggie since I feel so much better with more energy. I say if you need it get on it, but if you are not to that point yet, no reason to mess up what level you are producing now. Slight testicle shrinkage but nothing to freak about since everything else is working 100%
best of luck.


You must be kidding, right?

HRT brings you from a negative state to a positive state; i.e., from low Test to at least average.

I was 59, watching my skin sag, balls sag, belly sag, and libido begin to make excuses for not going another round or thinking of sex as a once or twice a week event. For me, sex has been the center of my outlook on life, the elan vital that made me get up in the morning. I felt the hoofbeats of advancing old age and rejected its power over me and went into T cyprionate once a week in a moderate dose IM.

9 months later I'm buff, beefed up, and horny as a muthafucker. My main girl is screaming that she never had so many O's and I regularly get 2 or three in a single night.

I dropped my expensive HGH daily skin pops because Testosterone is so much more with so much less hassles. My balls are tight and I feel like the 25 year old kid that I really am inside.

Drawbacks? None yet.


thanks for the insight I am having blood test tomarrow will see how it goes im sure my test is low low low!!!
not to mention one hard workout kills me .


I'm on 10g/day of Androgel and the response so far is weak. Been on for about 7 weeks. My libido is up but most other symptoms have only gotten a mild abatement. After my next checkup, I'm going to ask the doc for 100 mg/cyp per week, due to its half-life in the body. If anyone reading this is considering HRT, go right for the shots, once per week (not the 2 week deal they push, the half-life is too short for most T-esters). You can inject at home for the once/week deal.


I was also curios about the gel
had blood test yesterday will go for consultation on monday will try to get shots heard from others the gel sucks Im glad you confirmed it


Yeah, its like warm, flat beer -- if your desperate, it'll do. Anyway, I think docs are so afaid to treat us, they give us this limp-shit Androgel and are happy when you barely make range. You almost have to demand proper treatment.


Hey guys! I started putting this f'ing gel on my wrists (some of it anyway). The problem with the gel was absorbing it through the skin. I put a few drops on my wrist because the skin appears to be thin there. I'm feeling better, which is the best thing of all, and my libido is up. So, try the stuff on your wrists.
I've also heard of people who put the gel in a bowl, let all the alcohol evaporate, then put the gel on their balls. The alcohol is then not there to burn your balls.


you say that like its a bad thing (burning balls)

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


It IS a bad thing -- makes your balls burn like something else. If they want more confessions from Saddam, put this stuff on him there. We'll get all the info we want. (Pity the poor guy who had to put the stuff there--LOL!)


Androgel being limp shit? Well, I do not know about that. Androgel at 10 g took me from 260 ng/dL to 1,400 ng/dL. When I came down to 7.5 g, my levels came down to anywhere from 800 to 1,100. Not bad considering normal range is 300 to 1000 ng/dL! I'm the strongest and most virile feeling I have ever been in my life. I am 26 years old and acquired hypogonadism at 22. Shots cause fluctuating blood levels and increased aromatization and all the assorted problems accompanying these two primary problems. Go to a qualified andrologist-urologist and get gel. This is NOT bodybuilding!


It is meant to be rubbed into the shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen. I have not seen many men with hairy shoulders or upper arms.


Out of curiosity, why would one rub it on their scrotum?


Yeah my doc was cool and said I would get "mediocre" results with A gel. For those of you whom are needle shy let me tell you the needle is not painfull at all, the injection feels like a pressure inside, but does not hurt, but you may have a feeling for about 3 days that you strained a muscle with a lactic acid feeling do to the esters in the test, no biggie.

If you follow the direction from the doc about injection, you will have no problems. go at it like a dart quick stick no pain, and hey I was a needle wuss till I had to start this stuff.

If you have good med coverage and the doc will go ahead and prescribe it I say do it , I feel like a different person and my energy and mood are up.


well got my results back today just as I thought
total test 278

free test 42.7

doc wants to do one more blood test next week and check prostate and lh before he prescribes anything, which is cool with me
as I want to make sure alls good.
and I'll see what he wants to do maybe gel first and see how it goes before going to the needle.
thanks for all the input guys!!!!


The skin on your balls is very thin, so more of the T gets absorbed. Since I can see tendons and veins on my wrist, I surmised that the skin there is thin also.
Bradley, sure wish I got results like you! Been waiting more than 7 weeks. I feel somewhat better but might be my age (50) catching up with me. Probably have to try the shot route.


I've used 100mg/day of bio-identical natural testosterone for about three years now. And I've trained for 46 years. My doctor suggested putting me on it due to low test levels. I had a vascetomy 30 years ago. It's estimated that 35% of cases of premature viropause result from vasectomies, while about half the men going to impotence clinics have had them. They are not the "safe" surgeries we've been misled to believe in abstentia of longitudinal studies of those who've had them.

The only problem I've had with test occured a year ago. My PSAs shot up to 4.5. Doctored wanted to take me off it. In the case of that doctor (in a city I used to live in, no longer my physician with a thousand miles between us), he tended to defer to the compounding pharmacist - even seek info from him. With the PSAs, however, he deferred to AMA information. So I did my own research, then consulted with the compounding pharmacist. The vital information is all there in the writings of the late Dr John Lee, father figure of hrt for men and women using bio-identicals.

Compounding pharmacists tell you to apply the test to the inner forearms. Bad idea. The perinimu or balls would be worse. Any area rich in hair follicles is also rich in 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme that metabolizes test to DHT (full name is 5-alpha-dihydroxytestosterone). Areas lacking hair follicles and rich in capillaries are the best deal - such as the base of the neck and those cavities at the side of the neck/front of traps.

5-alpha metabolism can also be slowed down with saw pamento and zinc. Best of all, however, is available over the counter in health food stores in the menopause section: progesterone. half dose applied along with or before the test ensures cutting down metabolism completely.

I had blood work done two months later. Test was up to 850 ng/dl, PSAs down to 2.1. But I wasn't awarded an honorary doctorate for my research!

Does it work? I'm 61. At 200 lbs I rack out 8 reps on the bench with 265, reps with over 300 on the squat, upright row a pair of 80 lb dumbbells. I've learned the mental secrets of training, and am stronger than I've ever been.

Having seen men mature in strength and physique well into their late 70s throughout my life, I see no reason not to believe I'll keep on growing.

Hope this is of some benefit to the discourse here.


100 mg day isnt that alotwhat ive seen is guys useing 100mg a week?
what is bio identical natural test?
trying to get all info I can before I start my therapy after seeing your results and all the others that have responded im really excited!!!
I think my test levels fell years ago
but with new information and return to weightlifting 2 years ago I knew something was wrong just couldnt pinpoint it.
to all who reads this get your bloodwork done!!!!!!!!!


I have been trying to get HRT for months now. 2 primary care docs and my urologist have turned me down. I have a followup with my uro guy tomorrow at 1 and I am going to tell him he can prescribe me or I will just buy it on line.

3 blood tests and my highest is in the low 300s, others around 270. Can't sleep. no energy, no sex drive. And I am an irritable fuck, for sure.

I haven't slept for 8 hours straight in months - no shit. It's maddening, but apparantly having all the symptoms of low test is not enough to get help. Even my sweetie told me today that she wants "the old Dave" back. That sucked. I get this "normal is different for different people" shit. If that's so, why can't they accept that the low 300s might NOT be normal for me.

If you can't tell, I am sick of my chickenshit doctors. Maybe they need some fucking test.


I hear you, man! 144 ng/dl on the first test, 224 ng/dl on the second, on 5 g/androgel per day. Can you find an honest-to-God endocrinologist? They're a little more into HRT. Also, try some Alpha Male until you find a good doc.

I have every symptom you named. I feel you, bro!