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HRT Guys, I Have a Question

Ok I got the doc to let me give my own injections, so no more crazy doseages, I will do 1 ml every 2 weeks now starting next month, Now I have recieved my Arimidex, and have read many posts on the subject. BUT, differing for high does gear cycles how would it be best used for an HRT guy that seems to be susseptable to the estrogen? The bottle says 1mg tab a day, but I was reading about 1/4 tab every 4 days or so. What would be the best dose for an HRT guy?

I asked my Dos and he said " you might not want to take it, I have only prescribed it one other time and I am not too sure what it will do to you", well I have a general idea, just beed the best dose.
thanks guys as always…

Check out Journal for Endocrinology and Metabolism (Google it). Very good stuff!
I’ve heard that 1 mg/day is too much. Just to be safe, use .25 mg/day and see how you feel in 2 weeks. Up the dose until you start feeling the result.

I really have lost faith in doctors. Man, you have to research everything, insist on tests. Guess they’re so afraid of lawyers…

I know it is like you have to be your own doc these days huh… they are just a vehicle to order tests and scrips,but then you have to figure the rest out…

I get my endo to test estrogen levels once a year. Aromatization has not been a problem for me. Even so, I just take “M” every day instead of any prescription antiestrogens. Depending on which is cheaper, you might find “M” to be sufficient.

I take 1/2 ml of enanthate every week and take either 1 Arimidex every other day or 1/2 everyday (sometimes it’s a pain to cut them). Both have worked very well for me. My endo. sees me every 3 months for a full blood panel. Everything is usually right in mid range and my T levels hover around 850 regularly. I’m 37.