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HRT Effects

I started HRT about a year ago. My current dose is 100mg/ every 2 weeks. Don’t laugh but I think my left nut is shrinking. Is this a common side effect?

Usually they both shrink. How much will depend on the amount of supplemetation you do.

You might want to look into hCG if you are just concerned about shrinkage or if you want to have (more) children.

Is that dose enough?

I need 100 mg every 5 days to feel right.

I’d definitely be crashing during the 2nd week no matter what dosage I was taking.

read my post in this thread:

I feel that HCG is a must, at least for me. I take 250IU EOD.

I use 100mg test cyp/week delivered at 28mg EOD. 100mg every two weeks sounds useless in some regards.