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HRT Doctors, Where the Hell are the GOOD Ones?

Well where are they?
I am in Kingsland GA 31548 near Kingsbay Naval base.

Does someone know of a rare jewel in this area?

I use ReNew Youth
Anti-aging, Anti-aging Medicine
1640 Powers Ferry Rd. Bldg. 8 Ste.210
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: 1-800-620-9190

E-mail: Info@antiaging-antiagingcenters.com

Great program.
It’s pricey. Set my labs up locally, then they hook you up with a local physician in their network. I’m in Vegas so no problem.
I’m just now starting the battle with my insurance company.

This is the best site for this info.
Good luck


Good luck
Keep this going and let us know how your search goes. You are asking a common question. I’ve been on TRT for @ 4months. It is a process, and I’m still getting it dialed in. On 175/cyp - 2 shots/wk, clomid, anastrozole w/ DHEA and pregnenolone supps, CoQ10 and fish oil. My numbers were insane:
E2-112 (2-56)
Test 251 (251-1100)
Wonder why I felt like a sack of shit?

At 60 days I was E2 18, and Test 740

Wow, well yer in the right place for advice regarding those crazy numbers.

You are a prime example of hope for the guys that are still in the “welcome to hell” mode.
Thanks for your post, it shows there is light at the end of the tunnel for so many more than just you.

Your numbers look really good now, I wonder what your SHBG was, any idea? It’s possible at your current T-Cyp dosage you might have higher levels possible if your SHBG gets good and low.

I’ll Hijack - because this thread’s title should have a good draw…

36 y/o
Last 4 years gained 25 lbs, lost muscle, from 16BF to at least 23BF. Started storing fat like a woman and definitely got gyno going on. Cholesterol in 2003-145…2004-225…2005-225…2006-225…2007-225
Something happened. Diet stayed same, activity fell of slightly.

Hated lifting since high school because I never got (visual)results like peers. I would gain strength at 1/2 the rate. 3 Sport athlete in HS, played 3 yrs college baseball. 4yrs in Army 1st Ranger BN, been a police officer for 9 years. Cardio has never been a problem, just weight. In the Army I was around 195 always had to be “taped” for body fat(165 after ranger school - 195 a month later). At 165 I saw my ribs for first time. Always maxed Army PT test - push ups, sit ups, 2 mi run, pull ups - with no definition - just a big chest.

This site opened my eyes and I learned about TRT while looking for diet and strength answers. Understanding that its a life commitment I took some other advice and got a trainer/nutritionist.From Jan 2nd to Apr 15 I worked out 3 Weight + 3 Cardio(varying intensity) diet was best it has ever been (used Creatine NO Explode - I have serious water issues, great pump but just bloated. CoWorkers could tell I was working out - alot of juicing jokes.) Gained definition in my legs but my upper body just got “plumper”. I did gain strength but my trainer showed me results of similar clients and I was gaining strength at half the pace. He scratched his head and said “Get your blood tested”, he thought there could be a T issue that was hindering results.

Found Renew Youth…Very simple process

OK, don’t have my initial labs now, so I’ll post the before and 45day results in next post

I just saw the new Endo today. I’m really lucky I didn’t start with him.
He doesn’t believe in adex unless you start to grow painful breasts, and no HCG either if he’s your starting doctor.
Man am I grateful he said he wouldn’t mess with my current treatment meds, but I don’t trust him completely.

Knowing I was on HCG, he ran blood tests on FSH, LH, and Prolactin. Why bother since the values will be screwy from the HCG?

He did ask if I had an MRI of my pituitary yet, and I said, “no”. The thing that worries me is he wants a copy of my original (from 2-1/2 years ago) blood tests to see if I even need the meds I’m on. He commented HCG is “expensive” I said it’s a dollar a day as if to say “so what?”

I have always felt bad for the guys with bad doctors, and I now may have to pay my own way with my old doctor if this guy changes his mind, and changes my prescriptions.
I’d forgotten how bad it used to be…

So Steve…any luck in your search?

Her’s how my labs progressed:
4/2/08 Range 6/16/08
Test, Total 251 (250-1100) 742
Test, Free 52.7 (35-155)
(46-224) 202*
*Both labs were at Quest, can’t explain the different Range values. Shows how easily errors can be made for treatment/no treatment and why byou can/should get second set if not satisfied.

%Free Test 2.1 (1.5-2.2) 2.7
T3 Free 328 (230-420) not retested
Test, bio-
available (110-575) 433.1
Estradiol 105 (0-54)
(13-54) 18*
LH 6.1 (1.5-9.3) not retested
PSA .4 (0-4.0) .6
DHEA sulfate 237 (110-370) 499
SHBG not tested (8-48) 13
Albumin (3.6-5.1) 4.7

At my 45 day retest my hematocrit and hemoglobin were high so renew youth called and advised me to donate blood - so I did.
My first scrips were for:
Test Cyp: 150/wk 2 shots Thurs am,Sun pm
Anastrozole: .25mg eod
clomiphene: 25mg daily
pregnenolone: 25mg daily
DHEA: 50mg daily

I did not realize the Pregnenolone and Dhea weren’t scrips until after their compunding pharmacy had filled the s"Scrip" and I had paid for it. I was pretty upset to find out that I paid $35 for 60 caps of pregnenolone and $35 for 60 caps of 7-Keto DHEA.

At my first refill after my retest I declined their prescription for non-prescription supps and bought my own. Since my DHEA results were high I am taking 50 mg eod now and upped my pregnenolone to 50 mg daily.

The DR. kept the ANA and Clomid the same but changed the test to TEST enanthate 175/wk 2 shots using same schedule.

Any Idea why the switch. I’ve spent way to many hours looking at the two on this and other sites. I did complain about water retention/bloating. Could that have been the reason for the switch?

I will start my own TRT thread and post my workouts (Currently 5x5) and diet.

Good luck Steve8867 and thanks for the comments KNB I enjoy all your posts.

Looking at what you’ve got here you can skip the DHEA. Pregnenolone and DHEA are redundant.

I’m also curious about the 25mg a day of Clomid. I know they’re trying to keep your nuts working with it, and it will do that, but 25mg a day can make you feel like crap. It will also raise SHBG and can rob your libido. I wonder why they don’t just use HCG?

How are you feeling?


My head is clearer…but…
Libido is down, way down considering it was never a problem or better yet a symptom that made me look to TRT. Second, erections have gone from a 9 to a 6 since the first week I started TRT.

I wouldn’t say I feel great and I’ve told the doc that (through the nurse that manages my program). I gave them an out and told them I thought it could be because my regular doc put me on 10mg lipitor. I read nothing but crap about lipitor on this site.

Since I thought the lipitor was the reason I was feeling lethargic I went to my dr about it and he told me to go eod with it and run tests in 6-8 wks-that’s 8/28. Surprisingly, he was not anti TRT. He was kind of interested, but stated that he did not think the “Verdict” was in on it.

He is a very influential doctor in Vegas and opposes AAS. I showed him my labs and he felt the second set of results were definitely healthier.

I will call my HRT office monday morning and try and nail them down to why 25 mg clomid qd not HCG, and if eod is an option. Meanwhile I’ll backstudy HCG a little so I know how to ask.

Thanks for the post Brent.