HRT Doctor in Olympia/Tacoma

Anybody know a decent doctor in Olympia or Tacoma, Washington that knows anything about this?

Have you read the ‘protocol for injections’ sticky and the book that I recommend.

I always, again and again, suggest finding regional compounding pharmacies with google earth, and asking them for referrals to whatever you are able to explain that you need.

I have done a ton of reading, including the protocol thread here written. I have been on T cyp for about two years. I presently use by prescription, 100 mg/wk T cyp; Arimedex .5 mg 3/wk. My prescription runs out in about a month. My prior doctor is out on indefinite medical leave. I have found a life extension doc here who seems to talk the talk, but she doesn’t seem to want to help me resolve the depression issues. She likes to talk about liver and kidneys and a bunch of other shit, that until she started making an issue of it, have always been fine. so far, i am pretty disappointed with her. I really need to find someone who can help me. I don’t really want to get huge. this is about feeling better. I am big enough and fit enough,6 ft 1 inch, 233 lbs, about 7-8% BF. I feel physically great, but very depressed. I was on effexor xr, but came off it hoping to push the T to see if I could get some relief without the nasty effexor. I got off the pills,but now I can’t get this doc to even talk about increasing the T to fight the depression.
I am really hurting and need to find someone here that will work with me. If pushing the T dose doesn’t work, I may have to go back to the effexor, but I am hoping not.
Sorry to ramble on, but it’s good to have somebody to talk to, even if it is someone who I never met!

There are things that TRT cannot fix. Some things go bad with age and sometimes there are underlying conditions. You need to get your hormones right. That can include pregnenolone, DHEA, thyroid levels and cortisol. If you were on hCG, that would help support pregnenolone and all of the down stream steroids.

Vit-D is converted to vit-D hormone, another vital steroid hormone. You could easily be vit-D deficient. Today, that is defined as sub-optimal.

If your cholesterol levels are too low, that can mess up many hormone systems. You need to make sure that you are doing things to maintain a foundation of vitality.

You could be suffering from age related losses of dopamine. We all loose dopamine with age, some more than others and some are more affected by losses than others. The best route in this case is some trial doses of dopergenic drugs. Problems is that docs are conditioned to script SSRI’s which make a mess of things.

If you need a sleep aid, 50-75 mg trazodone at night with 3mg time release melatonin can be helpful and can have some rather fast improvements in mood. For me it was an overnigtht sensation. Dirts cheap generic, get 150mg tabs, 90 for $10 at many drugs chains. No lingering effects the next day if dosed properly.

Wellbutrin is effective, but also stimulating for some and some are sensitive to that.

The best drug would be deprenyl/seleginine a generic. Take 10mg/week. Get doc to script 10mg/day and a 60x5mg count bottle will last a long time. The drug has a short half life, but the MAO-B specific inhibitor action has a long half life. In up to 10mg/day, it is MAO-B selective and has none of the risks of a non specific MAO

Cabergoline is also a very clean drug in terms of effects on dopamine with no unwanted effects.

What are your serum E2 levels. If to low, depression is the expected outcome. Serum E2=22pg/ml should be your dose.

Some do not do well with weekly injections of T and need to inject more often. With less frequent and T levels peaking and falling, anastrozole levels will not be kept in sync with T levels and E2 levels may be getting too low at times.

Thyroid levels can suffer if iodine levels are low. Sea salt has no useful amounts of iodine unless added and stated as such. Kosher salt has no iodine.

Some liver and kidney markers can be up from training and with general increases of lean tissue mass. If you have sore or bruised muscles when doing labs, you can expect some out of range results.

Take 6,000-8,000 iu vit-D3 per day. If you have not supplemented at all, take 50,000iu in one week to get started. Get some iodine supplements or supplements with some iodine. Test TSH, FT3, fT4.

Know the signs of sub optimal thyroid levels. Getting cold easily is a very strong indicator.

If you run out of energy and will-power lat morning and later afternoon, get a 4 sample cortisol saliva test.

Do some trial doses of dopergenic drugs to see how your mind and body respond. That is what counts. Some have tried T4 or T3 on their own and found a huge benefit. That is more useful than the info from a lab report. These trails are harmless if approached with some care and knowledge. Do not expect a doc to prescribe cabergoline, even though it might be the best possible drug. Docs are in ruts and cannot connect the dots as one who thinks outside of the box can so obviously see.

Go to American College for the Advancement of Medicine(?) or something close to that. That should get you a Doctor who does HRT or they will direct you to someone.

Many doctors are living in fear of the steroids controversies and are now “underground” depending on word of mouth for new business.